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I'm just a girl, sitting at a table, asking people to play board games with her.

See What's in the Safe: An Interview with 4Hogs - LudiCreations

Vaults, the first game by the 4Hogs crew, is a steampunk-themed card game about cracking safes. The "Hogs" were nice enough to sit down with me for an interview. Here's what they had to say about games, design, and Nutella. 1. First things first. I need to know about the nicknames.

the ox pen
Musings on Playing Games with Aby

You may or may not be aware that, professionally, I have a background in special education. I taught English and reading to students with varying exceptionalities in a large, urban high school. From serious cognitive delays to extreme emotional disturbances, my students had a multitude of learning disabilities.

Space games for your pocket: Comparing Pocket Imperium and Tiny Epic Galaxies. | Musings from The...

I love me some space games. One of my favorites is Battle Beyond Space. Players have three fleets of ships and nine cards. If they're playing with the special action stuff, they might have an extra card or two. The point of the game: to blow up ships – hopefully your opponents' but possibly yours too; space is only so big after all. And, all of this happens in nine, short rounds. But, yeah, I like space games. Probably because I get to make things blow up. In space.

Happy Mitten Games
How to Get Your Wife/GF/S.O./Cat to Game With You

Alright, so you want your wife/girlfriend/significant other to game with you. That’s weird. But, before I begin to psuedo-psychoanalyze your borderline masochistic reasonings for wanting to do such a thing, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Rhiannon. I’m a stay-at-home wife and mother. I’d like to tell you that being those things don’t define me, but I’ve been doing it for the last three years and having a three-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter; I really am a stay-at-home...

Miniature Market
6 Nimmt! Review

Uno killed the card game star. At least in America.

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