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Hello there! I'm a freelance writer for web content, eBooks, ghostwriting and more. I have a casual style perfect for the internet. Below are a few examples of my clippings from various outlets I've worked for. I also have several Kindle books you can view on Amazon.


Online Articles

The Dollar Stretcher
Five Fast Food Facts

Sometimes you just have to eat fast food. We all have the best intentions. We plan meals ahead of time. We make dinners and put them in the freezer. We try and keep the pantry full. But you have to admit that sometimes you just have to have fast food.

Communication Tips For The Hard of Hearing | Scottsdale ENT

If you have new or increased hearing loss, adjusting to the problem can be a daily challenge. When you have a hearing loss, you have to learn new ways to communicate with loved ones, navigate shopping trips and other outings and watch danger when out in public.

How I Save $300 a Year on Books

I've been a reader since I was little. My favorite place to go when I was 5-years-old was the library and we spent entire summers there devouring shelf after shelf of books. Now that I'm an adult, I have less time to read, but I still enjoy my books while I can.

5 Things Not to Do in a Customer Service Email

I recently had a very poor experience canceling a game subscription online which made me think about other email customer service experiences I've had. It appears that more and more, "The Customer is always right" has been dumped in favor of pre-approved canned responses and other automation methods

Where You Can Volunteer in Midland

Looking to dedicate your time to a worthwhile cause? Midland is home to a variety of amazing organizations that are in need of helping hands.

The Dollar Stretcher
Top 10 Foods for Home Canning

Canning is back! Our grandmothers did it, some of our Moms did it, and now our generation has jumped in the canning pot. Urban homesteaders, farming mamas, homesteaders, preppers, DIY enthusiasts, and frugalistas everywhere are learning the benefits and foodie pleasures of home canning.

Lily Road
Top 50 Disco Songs for Wedding Receptions in 2019

Your wedding entertainment shouldn't be neglected. It's possibly the one last chance you'll have to gather all of your friends and family in one place to celebrate. With that in mind, we've taken the liberty of providing you with our list of favourite Disco songs for your special wedding day.

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