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A day in the life of a 92-year-old Marine and her service dog

Annabelle Weiss, 92, enlisted in the U.S. Marines when she was 20 years old. She served two years, working as a driver and inspecting plane engines, before she was discharged in 1946. Later Weiss, who lives in Lindenhurst, New York, worked as a nurse.

What is microblading? Everything to know about this eyebrow trend

Eyebrow trends come and go, from thin and sharp to bold and bushy à la Cara Delevingne and basically every other model who's been hot in the past few years. But the latest trend we can't get enough of is microblading, a new tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs.

Good Housekeeping
What It's Like to Spend an Hour With No Light or Sound

I stood naked except for a towel, my hair damp from the prerequisite shower, staring at what looks like a futuristic, egg-shaped pod. Surrounded by glowing purple lights, it almost felt like being in a nightclub.

What No One Tells You About Losing A Loved One To Suicide

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, which runs from September 7-13, 2015, Refinery29 has produced a series of stories that delve into what it's like to work at a suicide hotline, current research into the most effective suicide-prevention strategies, and the emotional toll of losing a

New York Post
This place will let you throw an ax at your ex

After finalizing her divorce, Michele Herzog didn't down a drink or hurl her wedding ring into the East River. She threw an ax. "Ax Your Past" parties are the latest craze at Stumpy's Hatchet House in Eatontown, NJ, where jilted exes heave real hatchets at a bull's-eye - or a photo of a former lover.

How Tennis Star Venus Williams Quietly Became a Fashion Mogul

When you hear the name Venus Williams, what do you think about? If you're like most of us, the answer is tennis. And you wouldn't be wrong: Williams is a world-class athlete, a four-time gold medalist currently competing in the Summer Olympics in Rio, and the sister of fellow tennis champ, Serena.

Remember that $70K salary experiment? Here's what happened over a year later

It's been nearly a year and a half since CEO Dan Price announced plans to slash his roughly $1 million salary to $70,000, also making that the minimum salary for all the employees at his credit card processing company, Gravity Payments. The move shocked the business world and thrust the 32-year-old into the spotlight.

Real leather without animal slaughter? Scientists are working on it

One day there might be animal leather products that even vegans can get behind. A Brooklyn startup called Modern Meadow is working to develop animal products - including leather - from cultured animal cells, an attempt to provide people the aesthetic of leather they know and love, but without the guilt.

Could these caffeine gummies replace your daily cup of coffee?

If you're anything like me, and I'm betting many of you are, you need a couple cups of coffee before you're really ready to face the day and get to work. So when I heard of new chewable coffee in the form of mocha-colored gummies, I was intrigued, to say the least.

Meet the feisty, fearless skaters of junior girls roller derby

Two roller skaters were crouched low, knees bent and bodies pressed together, fighting to stay glued lest a third skater slip through and break their wall, an escape they could not allow. Sweat dripped down their grimacing faces, and they were covered head to toe in protective gear - knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets.

Can Gap Keep Up Its Extreme Sales Strategy?

Sure, as far as discounts go, that is big, but consumers have come to know better. Blanket sales at both Gap and Banana are so frequent that many shoppers now refuse to pay what the original price tags mandate.

Kale manicures and other superfood beauty treatments

By now, everyone knows superfoods are good to eat, but can they also be beneficial in beauty treatments? Nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables like blueberries, avocados and kale are popping up in fancy spa services and affordable beauty products alike to give our skin, hair and nails a boost.

Architectural Digest
One of America's Most Famous Homes May Soon Be Underwater

For decades one of the most famous homes in America has been threatened by flooding, and now the trust that owns it says it's time for action. One controversial solution involves moving Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's iconic Farnsworth House, which sits on a floodplain in Plano, Illinois, to another location on the 62-acre estate.

Why covering up is cool: Inside fashion's modesty movement

Maybe you've already noticed the change: Young women in one-piece swimsuits at the beach, loose tunics replacing tank tops in the summertime, chunky knits instead of tight sweaters in the winter. It's all part of a growing modesty movement in the fashion world, where sexy styles take a backseat to classier, more conservative looks.

ABC News
Are Marijuana Edibles More Dangerous Than Smoking?

A string of worrisome incidents linked to marijuana might be enough to give pause to your typical, blissed-out pot smoker: Since when does weed trigger aggression or motivate someone to commit a crime and land kids in hospitals? But recent headlines involving people under marijuana's influence might have some wondering if there's a link.

ABC News
How to Say No to Being a Bridesmaid

If anyone gets cold feet before a wedding, it's usually the bride or groom. But more often today it's bridesmaids who are second-guessing their commitment to months of exhaustive planning and costly wedding activities before the big day. If just want to say "no," here's how.

ABC News
The Death and Resurgence of Arcades in America

Traditional arcades, once popular after-school hangouts and staples of shopping malls, have long been replaced by smartphone technology and at-home gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii and Sony's PlayStation. But it wasn't always like that.

ABC News
How American Apparel Will Be Different Without Dov Charney

Shoppers know American Apparel by its risqué ads, bright basics and that unconventional CEO -- but that may all change with the firing of founder Dov Charney. Charney is being ousted as CEO by the board of the Los Angeles-based brand he founded more than 15 years ago, following years of sexual harassment accusations, his alleged attack of a store manager and criticism over provocative advertising.

New York Daily News
How Stars Get Ready For The Oscars Red Carpet

If you're a celebrity getting ready for the red carpet, a fresh manicure and a swipe of lipstick won't cut it. Facing HD cameras and endless smartphone snaps, today's A-listers get pampered beyond blowouts and designer dresses - think teeth whitening, vitamin injections, laser treatments and more.

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