Rebecca Foreman

Freelance Writer


I am a freelance travel and lifestyle writer. My specialty is Australia & South East Asia, having relocated from eight years in Singapore and Bali, now residing in Sydney.

My writing interests are broad and have encompassed travelling with kids, wellness & healing practices, art, food, celebrity, the weird & wonderful, guides/listings, also places of interest (UNESCO).

I am available and open to interviews, features & branded content writing for social media, digital & print. I am proficient writing SEO content for digital platforms.

When I'm not writing about my family adventures, I find myself passionately observing people doing good deeds and chasing a decent coffee buzz.

Email: [email protected]
Ph: +61 (0) 422 923 855
INSTA: rebecca_foreman

Women's Weekly
Experiences of a lifetime

Sometimes the best way to see a place is to base yourself there and live like a local.

Probiotics for Kids: What are They & Does Your Family Need Them?

Many parents may have spent the last couple of years focusing on dosing their kiddos up to the eyeballs with vitamin C (pesky COVID!) and may have eased the gas on probiotics for kids. However, these valuable supplements help regulate our digestive systems and maintain proper intestinal health for long-term gut maintenance.

Sydney Attractions You Might Not Have Heard Of

Oh Sydney, you had me at BridgeClimb! As we head full steam into 2022, after all that pesky lockdown malarkey, there's a tonne of exciting attractions we can share with you to discover and explore in this stunning harbour city.

The Best Cake Shops in Sydney

There's no shortage of amazing cake shops in Sydney, and we are blessed to have such a smorgasbord of cake-baking talent on our fair shores, but it's good to know who stands out among the crowd and packs the most punch.

The Best New Kids Movies Coming out in 2022

There's nothing better than a day spent at the cinema watching the latest kids movies, am I right? Whether it's an action, adventure or comedy, melded with the latest animation tricks, we love it all (maybe even more so than the kids!).

Six of the Best Sensory Boxes in Australia

Hands up who's heard of a sensory box? For kids and families eager to explore stimulating hands-on play, sensory boxes can be an invaluable way to have maximum fun while also managing the stress of everyday activities.

The Coolest Beach Carts in Australia

If you're sick of (beach) carting everything but the kitchen sink with you every time you go to the beach, then it's high time you grabbed yourself a cool new set of beach wheels. No, we're not talking about a convertible, we're talking about the ultimate beach accessory, the beach cart.

Six of the Best Sushi Trains in Sydney

Choo-choo... all aboard the Sydney sushi train! Who doesn't love pulling up for a quick sushi feed? And lucky for us Sydneysiders, our sushi-mad city is full of restaurants churning the old sushi train conveyor belt.

The Cutest Gender Reveal Cakes in Sydney

Few surprises in life are more exciting than the big reveal of your baby's gender. And when it comes time to reveal if you're having a blue munchkin or a pink munchkin, what better way to do it than with a scrumptious cake that everyone can enjoy too!

Six Blue Mountains Waterfalls to Explore This Summer

The Blue Mountains isn't only about beautiful canyon views as far as the eye can see. One of NSW's favourite national parks also offers us, adventurous families, some of the best waterfalls in Australia, right near our doorstep!

The Honeycombers
13 Things to do in Sydney

Holidays are back on the agenda and we can’t wait to explore the beautiful attractions, nature sights and dining destinations of Sydney.

The Honeycombers Bali
Meet Mersuka!

Meet Mersuka Dopazo – an artist and long-time Bali expat known for her big and bold works of art…

The Honeycombers, Singapore
What does a safe space in Singapore look like?

For this start-up, it’s about accessible and affordable online counselling. Counselling services are just a click away on Safe Space, an online platform in Singapore for mental health care.

The Honeycombers Bali
A Model Life

A Model Life: We meet some of Bali’s top models to talk all things beauty, brands and laidback island life

The Honeycombers Bali
Amen for Amed!

Here’s a complete guide on where to stay, eat and play in Bali’s north-east neighbourhood

Honeycombers Singapore
How to be confident

Let’s talk about the ‘C’ word: 9 powerful tips on how to be your most confident self

Honeycombers Singapore
What does it mean to be a sustainable brand? | Honeycombers

Buzzwords like ' sustainability' and ' eco-friendly ' fly around and attach themselves to all kinds of goods and services these days. But what does it mean when brands say they avoid harming the environment? And how can the producer ensure they're doing their part for the earth?

Honeycombers Singapore
Interview: State of Escape founder on fashion & design | Honeycombers

You've probably seen State of Escape's distinctive tote bags casually flung over the shoulder of fashion-savvy friends - women on the move from a hot yoga class to their next business meeting. Intrinsic to the community that chooses State of Escape as its go-to bag is a shared desire to escape from the monotonous rhythm of daily life equipped with practical style.

Honeycombers Bali
Meet Indah Kalalo: model, influencer & philanthropist | Honeycombers Bali

Words by Rebecca Foreman Indah Kalalo is a household name in Indonesia, and rightly so. Her extensive career in entertainment spans from modelling, acting, YouTubing and even singing. Just one stalk on her buzzing Instagram page and you can see she's a lady that gets things done.

Honeycombers Bali
12 of the best international schools in Bali | Honeycombers Bali

Whether you and the family are looking for a fresh start here in Bali, or you're a long-time expat with your sights set on a Bali-based education for your kids, we asked mum and fellow expat Rebecca Foreman to find the very best international schools in Bali - all in a bid to make your decision-making easier!

Honeycombers Singapore
Introducing visual artist Aundraj Jude and his cool 3D art | Honeycombers

The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered us not only home-bound but screen-bound. There's been a lot of extra effort put into sitting around scrolling on our phones in 2020. Now, more than ever, the appetite to view beautiful, entertaining, endorphins-hitting creations from the handset is insatiable.

Honeycombers Bali
Things to do with kids in Bali: November 2020 | Honeycombers Bali

Mums & dads, we get it. When it comes to keeping the kids busy each month in Bali, the bog-standard just won't do. You need the hottest kids hotels and luxe family villas, the on-the-pulse family friendly restaurants to chomp on awesome wholesome fare, and all the brand new fabby dabby things to do, 'hood by 'hood ( Canggu for the weekend, kids?).

Honeycombers Singapore
Is it time to master the art of (online) meditation? | Honeycombers

The current times are unique. Many, like myself, feel suspended in a constant state of uncertainty and anxiety in our home environment, not to mention our decentralised workplace. I'm not proud to say there have been numerous accounts since the pandemic commenced when I lost my cool with my family over seemingly insignificant incidences.

Honeycombers Bali
We meet Bali's own jazz pianist, Joey Alexander | Honeycombers Bali

Words by Rebecca Foreman Critically acclaimed, grammy-nominated, and internationally celebrated are just some of the grand phrases used to describe 17-year-old Joey Alexander . He is, after all, a globally recognised jazz pianist having recorded his album My Favourite Things (Motema) at the tender age of 11, which earned him the first of his three Grammy Nominations.

Honeycombers Bali
Things to do with kids in Bali: November 2020 | Honeycombers Bali

Mums & dads, we get it. When it comes to keeping the kids busy each month in Bali, the bog-standard just won't do. You need the hottest kids hotels and luxe family villas, the on-the-pulse family friendly restaurants to chomp on awesome wholesome fare, and all the brand new fabby dabby things to do, 'hood by 'hood ( Canggu for the weekend, kids?).

The Straits Times
Singaporeans help out in tourist-drained Bali

Singaporeans have had a long-lasting love affair with Bali, consistently a top travel destination due to its close geographical location and high-end accommodation offerings. But the Covid-19 climate has meant that borders are now closed and tourism on the Island of the Gods has ceased, causing massive unemployment.

Honeycombers Bali
Things to do with kids in Bali: October 2020 | Honeycombers Bali

Mums & dads, we get it. When it comes to keeping the kids busy each month in Bali, the bog-standard just won't do. You need the hottest kids hotels and luxe family villas, the on-the-pulse family friendly restaurants to chomp on awesome wholesome fare, and all the brand new fabby dabby things to do, 'hood by 'hood ( Canggu for the weekend, kids?).

Honeycombers Bali
Things to do with kids in Bali: September 2020 | Honeycombers Bali

Mums & dads, we get it. When it comes to keeping the kids busy each month in Bali, the bog-standard just won't do. You need the hottest kids hotels and luxe family villas, the on-the-pulse family friendly restaurants to chomp on awesome wholesome fare, and all the brand new fabby dabby things to do, 'hood by 'hood ( Canggu for the weekend, kids?).

HoneyKids Asia
HoneyKids review: The Hungry Ghost by H.S. Norup | HoneyKids Asia

We love a good read at HoneyKids. In fact, it's one of our top things to do - we even have our own Book Club to prove it! The best part? When we can introduce a book that explores the wonderful country in which we live (you can check out our fave SingLit picks here!).

Honeycombers Bali
Things to do with kids in the summer school holidays | Honeycombers Bali

There's no doubt 2020 has served up some challenging humdingers for us parents. And now, we've arrived at the school summer holidays, AKA that looooong stretch of time when the kids are constantly looking for something fun to do. But don't hit the panic button just yet...

Honeycombers Bali
The best family-friendly villas in Bali | Honeycombers Bali

Ah Bali en famille. There really is nothing better than exploring this island playground with the whole fam-gang. And while we love Bali's never-ending collection of kid-friendly hotels and resorts, sometimes we want to up the privacy (and the glam-factor!) with one of Bali's very best family-friendly villas.

HoneyKids Asia
Lockdown in Bali: a week in the #mumlife | HoneyKids Asia

Who would have thought a virus would send the entire world into hibernation mode? Certainly not me. For the past year, my family and I have settled into a free and relaxed life in Bali among the rice paddies and tropical vistas.

Coronavirus with Kids: A Parent's Survival Guide | Honeycombers Bali

Real talk: self-isolation ain't easy, especially if you're a parent on Coronavirus lockdown with your kids. There's countless things to organise, special hygiene precautions to take, added chores to delegate and don't even get us started on the roster of activities to keep the kiddos entertained in between homeschooling and hand-washing.

HoneyKids Asia
A family hike up Kawah Ijen, Java | HoneyKids Asia

Singapore is an amazing base for one-stop island getaways, beautiful beaches and fabulous kids' clubs. But when it comes to top travel encounters, I've often heard people say climbing a volcano is one of the most memorable activities you can ever do. And it's especially memorable while in Indonesia, one of the most volcano-dense countries on the planet.

HoneyKids Asia
Perth with kids: your next family holiday | HoneyKids Asia

It's no secret that us folks at HoneyKids love Australia. Whether it's sunny Sydney, magical Melbourne (hello, best coffee ever!) or the gorgeous Gold Coast, we're huge fans of all the awesomeness the country has to offer. On our radars right now? Perth.


Gone are the days when shopping for children meant temper tantrums in every store, not to mention a shopping bag full of ugly knits and ill-fitting frocks. These days, kids clothing is big business, and here in Bali, fashion for children has never been so on-trend, with sustainable and environmentally-stylish approaches, and the most adorable prints, fabrics and fits we've ever seen.

A Guide to Pemuteran - a coastal village in North Bali | Honeycombers Bali

Ahh Pemuteran - the calm and ever-peaceful neighbourhood in Bali's north that was once an undiscovered traditional fishing village. Today, with its beautiful backdrop of a calm clear bay, nestled between majestic mountain tops and neighbouring the West Bali National Park, Pemuteran is slowly revealing itself to the more adventurous Bali visitor, quietly declaring what is so unique about the Island of the Gods...

ANZA Singapore
Croatia by Car by Rebecca Foreman

Rebecca Foreman explores Croatia on a family driving tour; exploring mountainous landscapes, world heritage sites, and dramatic coastlines.

The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Canggu | Honeycombers Bali

When it comes to family-friendly restaurants in Canggu, the options are as endless as the rice paddy horizons. There are open-air restaurants with ocean views, cute cafes with climbing frames to entertain the kids, and to keep mums and dads happy, some even have glittering infinity pools and cocktails too.

Family-friendly hotels in Bali that the kids will LOVE | Honeycombers Bali

Bali really is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world. In every corner of the island you'll find awesome things to do with the kids (we're talking super-cool activities and wild island adventures) and more child-friendly restaurants than you can shake a dummy at.

Celebrities with kids in Bali - where they eat, stay & play | Honeycombers

With its long list of fancy restaurants, VIP experiences and six-star island abodes, Bali has become a hotspot for international celebs. Whether they're visiting the island for a romantic getaway ( Kim & Kanye, we're looking at you!) or bringing the whole family for an action-packed escape (yes we saw you white-water rafting, Obamas!)

World Traveller Middle East
Travelling through Peru | World Traveller Middle East

Rebecca Foreman leads her family on a magical tour through Peru's treasures 'Machu Picchu, it's on my bucket list.' If I had a peso for every time someone said that to me... I've since decided I don't like the term 'bucket list'.

ANZA Singapore
Exploring South America

Rebecca Foreman takes her family on a whistle-stop tour around Argentina and Chile, exploring stunning natural landscapes.

ANZA Magazine September 2019

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.

ANZA Singapore
Flower Power

Author Alice Clark-Platts talks to ANZA Writers’ member Rebecca Foreman about her new novel, The Flower Girls, and the success of The Singapore Writers’ Group.

ANZA Singapore
Festive Reads

Rebecca Foreman reveals the books Singapore’s leading authors recommend, or are hoping Santa will deliver this year...