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Thought Catalog
Travel Romance Sucks, But We Keep Dreaming

When we single travelers embark on our travels, our minds wander about the possibility of romance. C'mon - the possibilities (and countries) are endless! But there's a high risk of heartbreak and tears when you fly home or move to the next destination. Travel flings are almost as frequent as bad first dates in any city.

The Only Social
What Do You See in My Blackness? · The Only Social

As I impatiently waited for my night bus to Amritsar, the golden-orange sun was descending over the Thar Desert, just east of the Pakistani border. With my 40-pound backpack in tow, I couldn't wait to just relax on the bus...

Navigating the White Space of Southeast Asia Travel

It was the usual hot and humid morning in Bangkok as I headed inside the bus station to pick up my ticket to Cambodia. Once the bus arrived, I boarded and headed to my assigned seat. Slightly annoyed I didn't have the window seat, I smiled at the guy I'd be sitting next to for the next seven hours.

Dear White Travelers, Please Stop Staring at Me

A few months back on an island in Thailand, I was walking to meet friends on the beach and two women, clearly engaged in conversation, were having dinner in a restaurant. Woman A, who was faced in my direction saw me walking and said something to Woman B which prompted her to turn around, and they both stared at me as I walked by.

An Open Letter to My White Friends

To My Beautiful Friends, First of all, I love you. Each of you plays a pivotal role in my life and quite honestly have impacted me positively in a variety of ways and I am forever grateful. So, why the letter? Well, mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to repeat myself, plus who doesn't love a letter?

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