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I am a copy editor, editor, writer, bibliophile and world traveler. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with degrees in English and French and am always willing to learn new things.
I'm interested in writing about everything from books and music to travel and current events and am looking to expand my writing opportunities with new subjects and audiences. I enjoy the beauty of clean copy and writing that hooks you in from the very first sentence.

Memento Vitae
"The Changeling"

A deceiver-it doesn't belong. Something is off about Myrtle today- Her spirit has lost its song; Her eyes are ghostly and far away. * Where is the lamb who used to play? She has gone all terribly wrong. Something is off about Myrtle today. * Goblins and redcaps have led her astray.

Memento Vitae
The Silver Cigarette Case

"Von deinem Hansi-20.2.29" Karlene Wesstenberg squinted her eyes against the flashes of sunlight reflecting off the swirling currents of the Scheldt River and took a sip of her anisette coffee. Hans wasn't usually this late. She reached a hand into the navy blue pocketbook that matched her dress, pulled out her cigarette case and settled in to wait.

Darken Your Eyes, Illumenate Your Mind

It all started in the '50s and '60s with experimentation by Dr. John C. Lilly. He was interested in what would happen to the body if you took away all its exterior senses.

Colored Ink Via the Black Rooster

As soon as I walk into Gallo Negro Tattoo Studio (203 Rio Grande NW), the smallest bones in my body begin rattling with the buzz of a tattoo machine.

Weekly Alibi

Cover art by Renee Chavez

Restaurant Review: Jennifer James goes casual-ish

I parked my car on Carlisle and looked at the dashboard clock. It said 8:55pm. My destination would only be open for another hour and five minutes so I hurried to the turquoise eatery, hoping they would still serve me despite the late hour.

Freedom: Breathtaking Bombs

"This is my first car bomb!" I say excitedly to the young, blond boy standing to my left. His cornflower blue eyes widen and he replies, "This is my first any kind of bomb!" We smile at each other-big, giddy, childish grins of the sort that can only come from blowing something up.

Maggie's Plan film review

Funny one-liners and strange antics keep the story moving along even if hazy clouds of anthropology jargon glaze the eyes every once in a while.

Coal Habits Die Hard

"When you're in the dark and you want to see/You need, e-electricity, e-electricity/Flip that switch and what do you get?/You get, e-electricity, e-electricity/Every room can now be lit/With just, e-electricity, e-electricity./Where do you think it all comes from/This powerful e-electricity, e-electricity?/Through high wires to here it comes/They're bringing, e-electricity, e-electricity."

Species Wars: Return of the Wolf

According to the US Department of Agriculture's Jan. 1, 2016 cattle inventory, there are 92 million head of cattle in the United States. Sounds like enough steak to go around, right? Wrong. These cows are being threatened by a vicious predator.

Homeless, but Not Hopeless

Animals can be a huge source of comfort and companionship for the homeless, and it is an incredibly simple act to grab an extra bag of kibble the next time you're at the grocery store and to drop it of at a food bank on the way home.

Book Review: Unbecoming: A Novel

In an age when identity is often a carefully constructed thing that is pieced together with Instagram pics, Facebook check-ins, who you know and where you live, it can be difficult to find the real you.

Cannabis Familiaris

You've probably heard stories or seen YouTube videos of people whose pets have accidentally gotten into their pot stash. The dogs will be falling over, wide-eyed and tongue lolling. Sometimes the pet-owners just laugh at their furry friends as though they were a college buddy who had drunk too much Jäger; others freak out, take their "family member" to the vet and sheepishly admit that the dog ate weed.

Feature Interview: Dr. Moriba Jah

In 1957, Sputnik became the very first man-made object to enter orbit around the Earth. Since then, it has been followed by thousands of other objects, including satellites, rockets, and space stations. Many of these objects have been abandoned after becoming nonfunctional, adding to an estimated half-million pieces of so-called "space debris," which range in size from chips of paint to broken-down satellites.

Music Magnified: Yellowcard Storms Sunshine

Stepping in from the howling rain, Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) was like a warm, dark haven on Monday, May 4. The venue's walls echoed with the vibrations of past bands and the adoring screams of crowds long gone. Blog
Sifting Through the Ashes: How to Write a Review

You've been handed your assignment. You have a deadline. Now what? Do NOT read any other reviews. They will poison your thoughts and put words in your mouth. Commit time to read, listen, view, etc. The depth of thought involved in reviewing takes time and effort and should not be done last minute.

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