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Hayley Reissfelder

Recent graduate of the University of Connecticut. Graduated with a degree in marketing and communications. Past contributing writer for The Odyssey Online and current contributor at OnMogul.com. Lifestyle Blogger at HayleyReissfelder.com

I'm always open and eager to contributing, please email me at [email protected] for inquiries.

*Please Note: Some articles featured on the UConn School of Business Platform say that the article is written by "Alexander Sadowski". This is the website moderator; the article is on an older version of the website and is no longer being edited, hence my name will not appear as the author. I am in fact the original writer of those pieces.*

Alive & Well Blog Post
College Bod Be Gone: Ways to Burn Fat

It's been a little while since I've posted; life has been crazy busy with family parties, seeing friends, working - ok and sometimes not working at all - and it's been difficult for me to collect my thoughts and sit down and write.

Alive & Well Blog Post
Healthy Eats: An Intro to My Love of PROATS

Proats (aka Protein Oatmeal) is the one true love of my life. No, that's not an exaggeration. For a few years now I have religiously eaten these delicious creations of gooey happiness at least three or four times a week. Hot or Cold (overnight oats is where it's at y'all), I'm beyond obsessed.

When Love Is In the Air

Love, to me, is a feeling somewhat similar to walking into the winter air without a coat on. You open the door; a strong gust of cold air fills your lungs and paralyzes your breathing for a moment. As you continue outside, you begin to feel every nerve light up inside you.

The Odyssey
10 Kick-Ass Women Under 30 Who Should Be On The $10

In June 2015, the U.S Treasury Secretary announced that the $10 will be redesigned to feature a women in 2020 -- the the 100 th anniversary of the 19 th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. The last woman to be featured on a dollar bill was Martha Washington in 1896, over a century ago.

The Odyssey
A Challenge For Women: Love Yourself

If you haven't heard already, Lauren Conrad is banning all body-shaming words from her website, including "skinny," "slim," and "thin." Instead, her team of bloggers will be replacing these words with terms such as "fit," "toned," and "healthy" to ensure that her readers are not focusing on unhealthy goals or ideals.

Hayley Reissfelder | School of Business

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control impulses, read situations and people appropriately, influence others and manage stress. According to Shirkani, emotional intelligence is just as, if not more important than having the proper technical skills in most jobs. "The number one reason new employees fail is lack of coachability...

The Odyssey
Why College Will NOT Be The Best Four Years Of My Life

As an upcoming senior, this summer I've had to come face to face with many hard truths. The scariest truth of them all has been the fact that, come May, I will be graduating. Every aunt, uncle, neighbor, and stranger has asked me recently what I'm going to do after college, or when I enter the dreaded "real world."

The Three Types Of Cleanses You Should Actually Be Doing

Let me start by saying, I'm not a life coach. I definitely do not have it all figured out when it comes to life, money, health, happiness, or actually anything for that matter. I'm 21 years young and have close to zero "real world" life experience.

MSFRM Students Take 3rd Place in Prestigious Rotman Trading Competition

Marking its first time participating in the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC)-a very prominent, well-established global competition-the UConn team captured third place in the Quantitative Outcry Case. Making up UConn's team were MSFRM students Brian Asselin, Chad Belanger, Matt Dyer, and Tejas Patel.