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Reem Abbas is a journalist, blogger, writer and researcher with a degree in journalism and sociology and a postgraduate degree in gender and migration studies.

Her blog on human rights, culture and politics in Sudan won the 2011 Blogher International Activist Award . Her writings and socio-political commentary were published in the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, the Nation, the Washington Post the Women International Perspective, the Inter-Press Service, Womens-E-News, the Doha Center for Media Freedom, the Index on Censorship magazine among other online and print publications.

She was a columnist at Open Democracy between 2012 and 2013. She also spent years working with Sudanese refugees in Egypt and published a profile on a young refugee musician in the book- “Voices in Refuge:Stories from Sudanese Refugees in Cairo”- published by the American University in Cairo Press.

Middle East Eye
'I blocked the memory for years': Sudanese women fight to ban FGM

KHARTOUM - S.A. remembers her grandmother buying her a new dress and painting her little hands with henna when she was only seven years old. "I was happy, but didn't understand why my parents were not there," she recalled. Two days later, S.A.

The Nation
Sudan's Unfinished Revolution: The Dictator Is Gone, but the Fight Continues

On April 6, the Sudanese Professionals Association asked people to march in protest to the army headquarters in Khartoum-the most dangerous place in Sudan's capital. I was skeptical, but nonetheless I joined the march, knowing the risks but also knowing it was the only way this revolution could succeed.

The National
How an illegal Sudanese union became the biggest threat to Omar Al Bashir's 29-year reign

Ten years ago, Mohamed Yousif Ahmed Al Mustafa was a state labour minister. Today, he is a wanted man. As a spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the outlawed umbrella group of unions currently leading protests calling on President Omar Al Bashir to step down, Dr Al Mustafa has been arrested and released twice already in recent weeks.

Sudan Nile Dam Threatens Nubian Villages

KHARTOUM, Sudan - On the morning of June 13, 2007, Mohamed Fageer Sid-Ahmed spent one hour convincing his mother that he needed to participate in a protest taking place later that day to protect his land. His mother was adamantly against the idea - he was her only child after all - but he won the argument and joined the protest.

The Niles
Quietly, Sudan's underground gay movement grows online

Given mainstream society's harsh rejection of same-sex relationships in Sudan, the double life led by the main character sums up what many gay Sudanese endure, whether the book's harrowing plot is based on a true story or not. Now a gay rights organisation is quietly campaigning for greater acceptance of homosexuality in Sudan.

Sudan's Anti-FGM Campaign Avoids Using the Term | Womens eNews

Credit: Reem Abbas. KHARTOUM, Sudan (WOMENSENEWS)--In 2007 U.N. organizations, civil society groups and other institutions working to stop female genital mutilation got together and brainstormed a campaign to end the practice in Sudan. The result was Saleema, a word that translates to complete, to signify that a girl should remain the way she was born.

بائعات الخمور في الخرطوم: بين سوق منتعش وشرطة طامعة - رصيف22

بيع الكحول في الخرطوم: دخل مرتفع لكن الشرطة هي التي تستفيد منه عن عاملات مهنة المتاعب في السودان: بيع الخمور يعدّ بيع الخمور البلدية في الخرطوم من أكثر الأعمال مشقة، إذ تحفّ به الكثير من الأخطار والمتاعب، خصوصاً بالنسبة إلى المرأة العاملة في هذا المجال، لأن القانون يجرّم بيع واستهلاك الخمور بشتى أنواعها.

Sudan protest victims still seeking justice

At around 3 p.m. on the extraordinarily hot afternoon of May 28, Sara Abdel-Bagi's mother stood in front of the Bahri court complex in shock and in tears. In the middle of the street, with one hand in the air, she screamed, "There is no god but God, there is no justice for my daughter." The other hand clutched her thobe, the local Sudanese customary attire, as it kept collapsing on the road. Read more:...

Sudan Hits Hard at Female Activists

Africa, Africa: Women from P♂lls to P♀lls, Armed Conflicts, Democracy, Editors' Choice, Featured, Gender, Headlines, Human Rights, Poverty & SDGs, Projects, Regional Categories, TerraViva United Nations, Women in Politics - More and more of Sudan's female politicians and rights activists are being arrested and detained in the government's clampdown on opposition political parties.

Time to Let Sudan's Girls Be Girls, Not Brides

Africa, Children on the Frontline, Development & Aid, Editors' Choice, Featured, Gender, Headlines, Human Rights, Poverty & SDGs, Projects, Regional Categories - Lawyers and rights activists are calling for a change in Sudan's laws which allow for the marriage of girls as young as 10.


ريم عباس ترجمة الدكتور عمرو عباس في 30 اكتوبر 2014، اكملت "قرفنا" الخمس سنوات. قبل خمس اعوام اقدم ثلاث شبان جيران في ودنوباوي، امدرمان على تكوين منظمة سياسية لمقاومة انتخابات 2010.

Mariam Yahia's story

Mariam Yahia, a mother in her 20s is currently facing apostasy and adultery charges under Sudan's Criminal Law of 1991. Yahia is accused of leaving Islam and converting to Christianity in a complaint brought against her by a family claiming to be her direct family.

مشروع قانون الصحافة: انتهاكات وقيود أم حرية وتحول؟ | DOHA CENTRE FOR MEDIA FREEDOM

ودعا الرئيس السوداني عمر البشير الأسبوع الماضي إلى إطلاق سراح السجناء السياسيين وإلى حوار أكثر انفتاحا مع المعارضة في محاولة منه لتعزيز عملية سياسية شاملة. وقبل الانتخابات بأقل من سنتين وتأكيد البشير أنه لن يتقدم للترشح لفترة رئاسية أخرى، فإن في ذلك ما يدعو للتفاؤل في السودان، وهناك آمال بأن هذا التحول السياسي سيحقق مزيدا من الحرية ولاسيما حرية الصحافة.

Sudanese journalist targeted for allegedly insulting the military

By Sara Yasin / 27 June 2013 When three journalists were invited to accompany a military official to a town supposedly recaptured from rebels, they did not expect to end up caught in crossfire. One journalist is being targeted after an anonymous and more honest account of the incident appeared online.

the Guardian
Can art help to bring peace to Sudan?

In the 1990s, as the war continued to escalate in southern Sudan, northern Sudanese activists arrived in conflict-affected areas in what was called a peace convoy. Initially the activists felt they were "mistrusted and no-one wanted to speak" to them, but after some days, this changed and people began to open up.