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I am a writer, mother and music teacher from Long Island. My style is warm, whimsical, and inspirational, and I would love to make stories leap to life for your readers.

Simple Ways to Teach English to Young Learners

There was a heat wave in Northwest Poland while my husband and I sat clammy and glowing in the adoption center. I was taking furious notes in the Vera Bradley journal I brought, trying to look organized and qualified, but aware every few seconds that I was neither.

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How To Teach Your Kids To Be More Benevolent

Each year, the Casesa family from Franklin Square visits Target to purchase carts of crayons, craft items, and decks of cards. All five members then convene at the dining room table to assemble the stockings they plan to donate to children's hospitals.

Long Island News from the Long Island Press
How To Help Your Middle Schooler Find Their Passion

The middle school years - when childlike energy meets grown-up dreams - may be the perfect time for students to find their passion. "For a long time, I thought my job was to share my passion with my students," says Shane Cappuccio, middle and upper school English teacher at Portledge School in Locust Valley.

Long Island News from the Long Island Press
7 Things Teachers Wish Students Knew Before Going Back to School

Whether you're snapping your little one's pencil case shut or hoisting junior's college gear into the trunk, that time of year has come again. While buying brand-new school supplies may be exhilarating, preparing your young learner for a new classroom can be a challenge.

New Splash Pad at Jones Beach is Sure to Delight

Let your kids spray away the heat and sprint away their energy against a sapphire horizon studded with beach umbrellas at Jones Beach State Park's new splash pad. The facility is located at the Central Mall area by Parking Field 4 and opened in late June.

The Best Ice Cream Shops Near Playgrounds on Long Island

Summer was made for ice cream and exuberant swoops down the slide in the toasty sun. Here are our picks for magical treats near Long Island's pristine parks and our favorite playgrounds. And while you're thinking about sweet treats, check out our list of old-fashioned ice cream parlors on Long Island and the best candy shops for kids in our region.

Maria von Trapp: An Adoptive Parent's Hero

I've always identified with Maria. Not because I've ever been a nun, or fallen in love with a Navy captain, or whipped up some jumpers out of hippie-colored curtains, but because she was a bit of a flake. Known for being "always late for everything, except for every meal," her absent-minded whimsy w...

How to Prepare for Adoption Like an Olympic Gymnast

This is a submission in our monthly contest. October's theme is Determination. Enter your own here!My childhood idol was Mary Lou Retton. I still get goosebumps when I watch the final vault of the routine that earned her an Olympic Gold Medal.It isn't so much the sprightliness and symmetry of her fl...