Rebecca Shinn

Freelance Travel Writer / Photographer

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Flexible freelance travel and lifestyle writer, who loves photography, food, nature and amazing adventures.

Style is personal and light, providing valuable information for consumers in an easy way. All imagery is original and exclusive for collaborations.

I write regularly for Londoner in Sydney, an established Aussie blog currently receiving 70,000 visitors and voted one of top expat blogs in the world! Previously created 10 step pieces for an up and coming infant website.

Exploring country to country with an open mind!

Londoner In Sydney
13 date ideas in Sydney: Pyrmont

If you're looking for date ideas in Sydney, or even just things to do in Sydney, we suggest you check out Pyrmont. Now, I know what you're thinking... Prymont... really? I know. I always thought Pyrmont was a suburb that just housed media giants such as; Google, Channel 10 and Seven as well as The Star complex and The Fish Markets obvs.

Londoner In Sydney
10 best restaurants in Sydney

If you're looking for one of the best restaurants in Sydney to wine and dine a loved one, or for that special occasion in Sydney, look no further. Our resident Sydney writer, Rebecca Shinn has tried and tested all of the famous restaurants, so here's her lowdown on some of the 10 best restaurants in Sydney and whether they are really worth the hype.

Londoner In Sydney
Top 10 brunch spots in Sydney - Londoner In Sydney

To me, the colder months in Sydney are all about eating out, and if there's one thing Sydney does really well, it's brunch. Let's kick off some of our favourite brunch spots in Sydney written by British expat, Rebecca Shinn. 1. White Rabbit (Double Bay) Relatively new joint White Rabbit opened in Double Bay in ...

Londoner In Sydney
The ultimate top 10 gelato spots in Sydney - Londoner In Sydney

If there's one thing Sydney is good at, it's ice cream and gelato which is a blessing in disguise with the hot temps in Summer. But, what's the actual difference between ice cream and gelato? Long story short, gelato is creamier and has less fat in it, obviously a win win for all!

Short Holidays and Getaways
Even in a Rainstorm: Australia's Great Ocean Road - Short Holidays and Getaways

Even in a Rainstorm: Australia's Great Ocean Road is amazing. The 12 Apostles are a group of limestone formations that rise above the ocean. The Great Ocean Road is one the most visited areas in Australia. They were christened the 12 Apostles by Victorian tourism in the 1920s, yet there were only nine.

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