Rebecca Medel

Journalist and News Editor

Location icon Canada

I like to write articles about things that make me wonder: Is Eskimos an offensive sports team name? Are zoo animals treated properly? Why do students choose to become sugar babies?

The great thing about being a journalist is I get to do the research, talk to the right people and find out the answers—not just for me, but for readers who might not have known they were wondering the same thing.

I've been honoured with winning four Alberta journalism awards for feature articles I've written.

Insite to Condos (CCI North)
The Scoop on Pets in Condos

Buildings that encourage responsible pet ownership broaden the pool of potential owners

Insite to Condos (CCI North)
Deep in the Weeds

Exploring condo owners' rights when it comes to cannabis

Vue Weekly
From medical to midwife

Birthing at home goes against our medically structured cultural norms

Vue Weekly
Off the tracks

Recent derailments in Slave Lake (and the rest of Canada) have residents saying "enough"

Vue Weekly
Exotic Enormity

Violations of Alberta's zoo standards lead to more suffering animals

Vue Weekly
Weathering the storm

Extreme weather and climate change's effect on prairie birds

Vue Weekly
Hanging by a wire

Overhead power lines dominate the Alberta landscape, but their safety is called to question

Vue Weekly
A pregnant pause

A look at incidences of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Alberta

Vue Weekly
On the Offensive

Is it right for sports teams to use Native American imagery?

Vue Weekly
Water crisis

Too many First Nations reserves are living with contaminated water in third-world conditions

Vue Weekly
Garbage goes green

New biofuels facility will further divert waste from the landfill

Vue Weekly
The Sugar Trade

Edmonton students see being a sugar baby as an easy way to make some cash

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