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Writer, Editor & Content Creator - Beauty & Features

United Kingdom

[PLEASE NOTE my clippings are in sections but are not in date order; there are pieces from different time periods for you to enjoy throughout, from 2015 right up until the current date in 2024. They are also just a snippet of my work - please email me if you would like to see other samplings, of which there are many, many more!]

I am a freelance writer, editor and content creator.

My most recent role was as Beauty Editor at, where I was head of my department; responsible for editorial beauty content and strategy across the website and social, as well as working on selected beauty branded partnerships.

Prior to this, I had been a freelance writer and editor for 3.5 years, and have written for some of the most esteemed publications in the UK (and worldwide), from Refinery29 to Grazia, Coveteur to Dazed. I worked as a regular beauty contributor to Bustle UK, as well as Glamour UK, Marie Claire, and The Mail on Sunday's You Magazine, where I covered everything from fashion to lifestyle online.

Before embarking upon my freelance career, I held positions at Glamour UK, heading up the online beauty section for 2.5 years, and Space NK, where I worked on the editorial team at head office.

As well as a wide range of editorial experience, I also have copywriting credentials, and have written for and consulted for brands such as The Inkey List. I have worked on a wide range of branded commercial content for titles like The Telegraph, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan.

Along with being a Beauty Editor, I am a features writer and enjoy writing deep-dive personal essays. I'm passionate about content relating to current affairs (particularly across the U.S. political landscape), women's issues, mental health and news within the LGBTQ+ community.

I am open to opportunities to speak on panels and in podcasts.

Please email me at [email protected] for any queries.



Should we all now be sexting AI chatbots?

One Stylist writer tries Bloom, a new platform which connects users to AI characters for erotic conversation and even voice notes, but would you dare?

Glamour UK
I'm bisexual; please stop asking me these four questions

Frustratingly, these experiences - and many of the questions that come with them - are not only contributing further to bi-erasure, but are a direct product of it, says Lois Shearing, author of Bi The Way (a book that I have personally found to be exceptionally useful in my own journey).

Nail art helped me to manage my OCD during the pandemic

The pandemic has been hard, particularly for those with mental health illnesses. Here, beauty journalist Rebecca Fearn explains how nail art helped her manage her OCD. I was diagnosed with OCD and generalised anxiety disorder 11 years ago. For me, the OCD manifests itself through intrusive, anxious thoughts - called obsessions - followed by monotonous checking rituals, known as compulsions.

Lockdown Taught Me What Recovering From A Breakup Really Looks Like

While being able to remain at home and having a home to remain in during the coronavirus outbreak is a privilege, it's hard to deny that lockdown has been a challenge. It tore us away from the comforts of everyday life - the joy of sharing a pint with friends or celebrating a birthday with family.

This Is How Taking Antidepressants Affected My Skin

In 2014, after a particularly tough break-up, I begrudgingly went on antidepressants for anxiety and OCD. I'd suffered with my mental health since around 2010 but had never tried medication because I was scared of the side-effects.


The EV guide to Baby Botox

Everything you need to know about 'Baby Botox', including how the treatment measures up against 'regular' muscle relaxing injections

I Threw Out All My Complicated Skincare & My Skin Looks So Much Better

Perhaps the most commonly referenced perk of being a beauty editor is that we get to try many exclusive, lusted after products. In particular, I go wild for getting my hands on skincare newness. I'm not alone. The allure of trying the latest formula or buzzy ingredient is widespread, as is the 'more is more' approach to skincare.

YOU Magazine
How to stop picking your skin when you're stressed - YOU Magazine

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we've been made more aware than ever that touching our faces should be avoided at all costs. But for some of us, breaking the habit of a lifetime can be incredibly tough, especially when we have few distractions.

The Independent
10 of the best products for maintaining platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde is one of the most high maintenance hair colours. It can be tough to keep your colour bright, icy, and cool-toned, and bleach can have a major impact on the condition of hair. For this reason, there are plenty of hair products for platinum blondes around, many of which will restore your vibrant mane to its former glory.

Face Balancing Filler Made My Nose Appear Smaller & Gave Me Confidence

I've always been conscious of my side profile, in particular the size of my nose. In my family we have a running joke about my dad's nose being his most 'prominent' feature (always said with love, of course). The unspoken truth is that I definitely got his nose over my mum's.

The Concealer That Made Jess Hunt Give Up On Foundation

In Bustle's Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favourite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, model and influencer Jess Hunt shares the process behind creating her viral Instagram brow brand Refy, and the makeup, skincare, and body bits she always turns to.

CN Traveller
10 wellness trends to know for 2020

While 2019 saw a whole host of treatments, experiences and approaches arrive in London, the new decade brings with it an influx of even fresher wellness trends. This year, we're set to encounter therapies and events that delve even deeper into self-worth, as well as those that focus on returning to nature and concentrate on previously overlooked areas of the body and transitions in our lives.

Maya Jama Shares The 6 Beauty Buys She Can't Live Without

In Bustle's Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favourite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Maya Jama tells Bustle about her earliest skin care memories and launching her own beauty brand, MIJ Masks.

Exploring the rituals of synchronised swimmers

is a monthly column that looks at the obscure beauty routines and sacred acts of self self-care different professionals practice as they prepare for a typical event. Christina Maciejewski, Soraya Mojdehi, and Gaia Maralla, all 17, train seven hours a week alongside attending school, and take part in competitions for the Seymour Synchronised Swimming Club in London.

Women's Health
What Two Weeks Using Dermatologist-strength Skincare Did to My Face

The 2019th year of our lord is the year of the dermatologist skincare brand. While doctors who specialise in your complexion have been formulating their own potent concoctions for years, now marks the start of turbo-charged products that bend and blur the clinic/ home line in ever wavier ways.

Victoria Health
Can Taking Antidepressants Affect Your Skin? | Victoria Health

Antidepressants treat all sorts of illnesses, and can be beneficial for people with mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar disorder. And while for most, the potential side effects are outweighed by the opportunity to feel better within ourselves, these types of medication can in some cases affect our skin and bodies in unexpected ways.

7 Amazing Beauty Products I Bought On A Trip To Japan & Where You Can Get Them In The UK

Japanese beauty, or J-beauty as it's known among makeup and skincare obsessives, has quietly risen in popularity over the past years, especially in the Western world. Beloved for its quality ingredients, unique textures and Instagram-worthy packaging, not to mention its highly curated approach to skincare routines, Japanese beauty - much like Japan itself - is rooted in tradition.

Who What Wear UK
Of the Hundreds of Foundations I've Tried, These 8 Are the Best

For me, finding the perfect foundation has always been the ultimate beauty dream. Having skin like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's is an understandable goal, but one that has had me on a constant hunt throughout my career-and even before it began. I've worked in beauty for nearly five years now, and I'll be honest: I've tried a lot of foundations.

Do You Have "Combination Hair"? Here's How to Deal

If I had a pound for every time I explained the concept of "combination hair" (oily roots and dry ends) to someone and they replied "I HAVE THAT," I'd be very rich. It's something so many of us deal with, and yet unlike with our skin types, we never really address the issue.



YOU Magazine
This charity jewellery auction is raising money for Afghan women

The past few weeks have been devastating for the people of Afghanistan, particularly women, who are having to come to terms with the fact that their freedoms and way of life is under threat. Their basic rights to work and access to education will likely be impacted, as will their safety in general.

The Independent
10 best hair clips to accessorise your locks

Hair clips have had a bold resurgence over the past few years. No longer just accessories for the very young, they can add a chic final touch to anyone's look, regardless of their age or style.

YOU Magazine
11 pieces of beaded jewellery to wear this summer - YOU Magazine

As jewellery trends go, ' happy jewellery ' is perhaps the one we need most in 2021. As social plans begin to take place again and we begin to enjoy some semblance of freedom, it's time to stack your arm parties, layer up those necklaces, and invest in a cute anklet that will go with everything to show off.

Ashley Graham Shares The Cute Way Her Husband Marks Anniversaries With Diamonds

Yes it's engagement season, but do we really need an excuse to gift (or self gift) diamonds? Ashley Graham - model, industry game-changer and the face of Pandora's brand new, lab-created diamond collection - would argue not at all! "The range is affordable and accessible for everyone," she tells Bustle.

How To Wear Pearls Like Kamala Harris

During Kamala Harris' historic swearing in ceremony, the Vice President wore a beautiful pearl necklace, designed by Puerto Rican jeweller Wilfredo Rosado. Her choice of inauguration jewellery will have come as no surprise to those who have followed the politician's style choices over the years; the pearl necklace is considered one of her signatures.

8 Black-Owned Jewellery Brands For When Your Look Needs Some Extra Sparkle

We're in the depths of our third UK lockdown and it's still winter. So if you have a bit of spare cash, treating yourself to something that'll brighten your day can't be a bad idea. While investing in new jewellery with nowhere to wear it might seem counterintuitive, it's a surefire way to brighten up your cosy at-home attire.

YOU Magazine
Best Demi Fine Jewellery Brands - YOU Magazine

For years buying jewellery has been a choice between a high-street impulse purchase that would stay together for six months, or a big investment piece to stand the test of time. But now there's a generation of high quality, 'demi-fine' jewellery filling the space between luxury and affordability, and making our collections bigger - and more beautiful - than ever.

12 Anklets That Prove This Look Isn't Just For Beach Holidays

Anklets are pretty, delicate, and have a tinge of nostalgia to them, but I have to admit I've never seen them as a particularly ~sophisticated~ piece of jewellery. That is, until now. With every chic jewellery brand under the sun launching an anklet or two, it looks like this is a style that can absolutely be refreshed and modernised.

10 Zodiac-Themed Pieces Of Jewellery To Add To Your Wishlist

Options for each and every star sign, no matter your budget. Orelia Christmas is coming and while there are plenty of beauty, foodie, and lifestyle gifts to make the most of, my wish list is going to be packed full of beautiful jewellery I would otherwise not be able to buy for myself.

YOU Magazine
18 of the best 'milkmaid' dresses for every budget - YOU Magazine

When shopping for dresses, you may find some styles just don't feel right - and being comfortable is just as important as looking good. Luckily, milkmaid dresses are trending his season and it is a style that seems to suit everybody, making it pretty much universally flattering.

17 Bralettes Under £50 Comfy Enough To Make You Give Up Underwires For Good

The past few months have seen the return of some level of normalcy, bringing with it nerves, excitement, and the promise of adventures outside of the house. But one thing I've certainly not been thrilled about is having to get out of my comfy loungewear, which often includes zero bra wearing.

The 28 Best Wedding Guest Hair Accessories for 2020

Attending the wedding of a loved one calls for a well put-together outfit to make you feel confident and look your best. As well as finding the right dress, jumpsuit, or two-piece, you'll want to consider your accessories.


Glamour UK
This medical illustrator's image of a Black foetus has sparked a vital conversation about racial...

An image of a Black foetus in the womb by medical student and illustrator Chidiebere Ibe is being praised for sparking much-needed conversations about racial diversity within medicine and beyond. The illustration - which shows a Black foetus in the womb - has gone viral on social media, with many pointing out this is shockingly the first time they have ever seen an image like this.

Searches For Cosmetic Procedures Rise After 'Love Island' Episodes

New data has found a correlation between the return of Love Island and searches for cosmetic procedures including lip fillers. Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors analysed Google Trends search data and found that there is a link between the two which is particularly noticeable when the TV show is airing.

The Independent
7 of the best tarot card decks for your next reading

Tarot cards have become increasingly popular, especially user-friendly decks you can use from home. There's a vast range of decks available online, and finding the one that speaks to you is important. So, we wanted to help on your journey by picking out seven of the best tarot card decks around currently.

Elizabeth Day Still Believes There's Beauty In Failure

In Bustle' s Quick Question, we ask women leaders all about advice - from the best guidance they' ve ever gotten to what they're still figuring out. Here, author and podcaster Elizabeth Day shares her thoughts on failure and the proactive ways in which women can support other women.

What First-Time Buyers Need To Know About 95% Mortgages

On March 3, Rishi Sunak announced his new Budget for 2021. Many were focused on how the Chancellor of the Exchequer was going to help those looking to purchase property in the coming year, particularly first time buyers.

Tabitha Goldstaub Is On Mission To Find - & Fix - "Cracks In The System"

In Bustle' s Quick Question, we ask women leaders all about advice - from the best guidance they' ve ever gotten to what they're still figuring out. Here, tech entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub talks about finding your tribe of women to work alongside, how she's still figuring out that work-life balance with a new son, and what her original unlikely career aspiration was...

Why This New Dating App Is Only Live 1 Day A Week

After a year where dating has mostly taken place online, you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit fed up with dating apps. So if you're burned out by Bumble, at the end of your tether with Tinder, and having a hellish time on Hinge, you may be interested to know that a brand new dating app is about to enter the scene - and its fresh outlook on dating may just shake up your own mindset and motivation.

How To Get Into The "Protagonist Mindset", According To Nicola Mendelsohn

In Bustle' s Quick Question, we ask women leaders all about advice - from the best guidance they' ve ever gotten to what they're still figuring out. Here, Facebook VP EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn CBE shares her thoughts on valuing your time, ripping up the ageist rule book, and breaking through tech's glass ceiling.

Glamour UK
Destination review: North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand has always been right at the top of my bucket list. So when I was given the opportunity to visit the North Island with Tourism New Zealand, I jumped at the chance (quite literally). Here's my run-down of the best things to do, food to eat and places to stay...

Boris Johnson's Recent Comments About Devolution Have Sparked A Fierce Backlash

You may have noticed that there's lots in the news lately about the political issue of devolution. But what is devolution, and why is everyone talking about it right now? Here's everything you need to know. Devolution is the name given to the way that certain powers have been given to elected groups across the UK, in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Glamour UK
Meet the new beauty device that makes getting your winter glow & sun protection easier than ever

It's official: the autumn/winter season has arrived, and with it comes a flurry of pumpkin spice lattes, cosy nights in, and crisp leaves on the ground. But one thing that may be suffering a little more than usual is our skin; this time of year can be notoriously hard on the body's largest organ, both in terms of keeping it soft, supple, and protected, and giving it a healthy glow.

The ultimate hacks for skincare-meets-makeup

Skincare: it's the ultimate makeup base. Without an effective skincare routine that ensures skin is feeling and looking its best, makeup sort of doesn't stand a chance. Learn why having a solid skincare base is crucial for seamless make up application, creating a glowing complexion for no makeup days and helping your make up last longer!

Marie Claire
Rituals The Ritual Of Ayurvedic Range Wellness Trend

Marie Claire is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. If you often feel out of balance, you're not alone.

Oily skin? These 4 natural ingredients could be the answer

A staggering amount of women suffer from oily skin - 35% of adults have oily or combination skin, while 70% of over 25-year-olds experience an unbalanced complexion at some point during their life. And when you're dealing with unwanted blemishes, serious shine and clogged pores, it's easy to assume that highly potent, chemical formulas are your best bet.

Glamour UK
Ghost's new fragrance is inspired by how you dream & it's pretty magical

There's something so special about fragrance and its ability to bring back memories and transport us to places we've never been before. This idea is something the new Ghost fragrance, 'Dream' fully inhabits and embraces. With its connection to dreams, crystals and alternate worlds, the brand's new perfume is special not just because of its irresistible aroma, but due to the magical concept behind it.