Rebecca DeWhitt

Writer and Content Strategist,

Location icon United States of America

I am a pacific northwest native who wandered over to Philadelphia several years ago and only recently wandered back. I am an MBA, a content and business strategist, a marketer and a writer. My work is shaped by my curiosity, empathy, and my drive to connect diverse people and ideas.

When I'm not founding businesses, writing, or studying employee benefits you can find me telling stories with my three-year-old, reading classic American novels, learning French, or baking 300 versions of the best chocolate chip cookie you've ever tasted.

Fox School of Business | Temple University | Philadelphia, PA
How to Introduce an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Collaborative Course Design

Bert Verhoeven is a university professor of the best course you never got to take-students in his courses spend their time writing TV commercials, designing wallets, and interviewing Muffin Break customers.Verhoeven is part of a recent partnership between Flinders University, in Adelaide, Australia, and the Fox School to teach innovation and enterprise (INNO) curriculum to help Flinders students thrive in today's competitive landscape.Pulling from a variety of methodologies, including design...

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Fox School of Business | Temple University | Philadelphia, PA
Change Begins with a Simple Sari For This Indian Social Venture

Horns blare. A moped pushes its way into the visual anarchy of West Bengal traffic. The sun beats down through a thick haze of pollution. Meanwhile, four Fox School MBA students thread their way onto a side street.The students stop at a small building in the heart of Kolkata, the international headquarters of Sari Bari.