Ryan Murphy

Marketing Assistant and Freelancer Writer

I'm a marketing assistant with Penguin Group (USA), and have recently been a contributor to Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine. Prior to that, I served two years in the Philippines as a Children, Youth and Family volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps.

Down the Coconut Highway

Ryan Murphy describes the everyday life of a Peace Corps volunteer in a small town in the Philippines.

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Of Pitbull, Presley, and Pascal's Wager

Ellen was from a Greek island, one of the Ionians—the "Seven Islands," she called them, though there are many more than seven. Aristotle Onassis had owned one of them, Skorpios, in Greece's better days, though by the time he and Jackie O had tied their knot Ellen was long gone, riding the trade winds (and a convenient family marriage) to the States.

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

Budget Travel
12 Most Colorful Towns in the World

[Reprinted by Fox News.] Join us on a tour to five continents as we explore a dozen of the world's most vibrantly colorful towns, and we'll let you know exactly where to go to get the best view.

Budget Travel
15 Things You Didn't Know About New Orleans

[Reprinted by MSNBC.] Between voodoo, Mardi Gras, the music, and the food—oh, the food—New Orleans has a heritage few American cities can match. But how does your knowledge of the city measure up?

Budget Travel
12 Elevators You Need to See to Believe

[Reprinted by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Yahoo! News.] Some of these lifts look like they belong in sci-fi thrillers, others could be theme park attractions, but a trip on any of them will earn you a lifetime of bragging rights.

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7 National Parks You've Never Heard Of

[Reprinted by CNN.] No doubt many visitors will take advantage of this largesse to visit Yellowstone, the Everglades and other crown jewels of the Park Service, but there are worlds of wonder beyond the well-trodden path.

Budget Travel
America's Coolest Small Towns 2012

Readers nominated a record 647 towns this year - and now we've narrowed that list down to just 10 standout communities across the country. Read all about them, and then vote for your favorite!

Budget Travel
Are Airlines Cracking Down on "Airplane Mode"?

Alec Baldwin might have gotten a high–profile slap on the wrist for trying to use his smart phone during a takeoff, but he’s hardly the only flyer loath to give up Words With Friends privileges.

Budget Travel
Bing Makes Navigating Airports a Breeze

Paris. Shanghai. LAX? Airports may not usually be listed among the world’s most exotic locales, but they can still be destinations in themselves.


Espresso 77

For the dedicated people watcher, it's a goldmine; for the caffeine junky, it's a place to score a rare shot of black gold in inner Queens.

Santa Monica Beach Park

California’s beaches are a sort of intoxicant. Redolent with salty ocean breezes and the smells of food wafting from the boardwalks, they gently rock their sun-worshipping children in a cradle of summertime.

Hearts Above the East River

A rough-hewn stone, a splatter of colorful paint, and the rust-speckled metal of a lovers’ lock give the Brooklyn Bridge its humanity.


Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary

Interested in catching a glimpse of Manila's Coconut Palace, delving into the craziness of the Divisoria street market, or indulging in traditional Filipino food (like goat adobo or balut, steamed duck fetus)?

Daegu Pockets

Daegu Pockets

Angled defiantly away from the rest of the Philippine archipelago like an elongated bullet, Palawan flaunts its uniqueness, even topographically.

Eleven Degrees North

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The Big (Green) Apple

New York City has more people than Switzerland--which makes the city's parks all the more miraculous.

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Hong Kong Pinball

Hong Kong’s neon arms might be open to foreigners and foreign investments, but I had more trouble getting through its gates than I did entering the red border via Shanghai.

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Local woman makes ibos

The Philippines' main problem is with exportation – but not the exportation of goods. What the Philippines is forced to export is rather more valuable and infinitely more exploitable: its own people.

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Dragonfruit and Sugarcane

New York: the city of lights, of sounds, of dreams of the future and visions of the past, city of sewers and parks, of Walt Whitman and John Lennon and the Village Voice, of the Port Authority and Occupy Wall Street.

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Sunburned Christmas

I spent Christmas alone on a tiny speck with nothing but sea a hundred kilometers in any direction. It was wonderful.