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A Stranger Finds a Home in Nashville

"This is the food I've always made when I'm not working," says Bryan Lee Weaver, executive chef of the newly opened Redheaded Stranger on Arrington Street in East Nashville. Weaver, who moved to Nashville in 2015 to open the Butcher and Bee along with business partner Michael Shemtov, is an unassuming, soft-spoken chef whose passion for his food is apparent just a few minutes into a conversation.

Nashville Lifestyles
Stars and Their Bars

Sitting in a prime location at 400 Broadway, this Dierks Bentley-owned property features three levels, including a rooftop bar. The first floor has a full bar, restaurant, and performance space. The second floor includes a full menu, plus a dance floor and DJ booth in the evening.

Edible Nashville
Green Days With Sylvia Ganier of Green Door Gourmet

In 2010, four years after Sylvia Ganier and husband, Al purchased their farm from his parents' estate, she placed a sign on the front of the property along River Road. "Farm Fresh Vegetables. Open 9 to 1," it said. She called a few friends, too, asking if they wanted to come out, tour the farm and buy some produce.

How Grilled Asparagus Changed My Life - Robert Bruce - Medium

Green beans. For about 28 years of my life, green beans were the most adventurous food I would eat. They are green, after all, and how can anything green actually be appetizing? But, hey, green beans - if cooked in enough bacon fat and chicken broth - can be mildly tasty, right?

Edible Nashville
Josephine: As Good As Ever

If you've never had Andy Little's brussels sprouts at Josephine, well, you haven't experienced brussels nirvana. In an eclectic menu, with everything from beef tongue and Nashville hot scrapple to duck breast and rabbit, what appears to be a simple brussels appetizer is a standout.
Mind Your Manners: 7 Money Mistakes to Avoid at Restaurants

If most of us are honest, we'll fully admit that we love going to restaurants. Eating out is one of the biggest issues for people when it comes to tightening up their budget. That's why some budget-conscious people will do anything to keep from giving up their eating-out habit-and that includes breaking some basic rules of money etiquette in restaurants.
13 Insider Secrets On How to Save Money On Groceries

New budgeters are often surprised by how much they're spending on groceries. And it can be hard for them to cut back. That's totally normal, as it can take three to four months to regulate your new budget. In the meantime, though, you're probably ready to start saving some serious cash.


7 Ways to Make Your Budget Better in 7 Days

Budgeting basics We've said before that 32% of people make a detailed budget every month. If the other 68% knew how easy (and fun!) it is to create a plan, people would get more excited about budgeting than they are about the new season of Gilmore Girls.
5 Simple Habits of the Average Millionaire

Have you ever heard the one about the billionaire who lives in a modest home? That billionaire is Warren Buffett, who Forbes estimates has a $75.6 billion net worth. His house? It's not a sprawling 30,000-square-foot beachfront mansion. No, he lives in a quiet Omaha neighborhood in a $850,000 home that he bought for $31,500 in 1958.
6 Stages of Facebook Envy

Facebook envy. There aren't any forms of positive envy, but Facebook envy might be the worst. What is it? As we explained in our article earlier this year , Facebook envy happens when you see a "friend" post about a vacation, a restaurant or a new car-anything that you can't have- and you immediately feel inadequate because you don't have those things.


Native Magazine - Nashville
Write All About It

"I had been freelance writing, editing, and teaching in an adjunct role," Felts says. "I was real involved with the independent literary scene in Chicago, published a YA novel, then we moved [back] here. I had this idea that I just wanted to teach writing classes in the community," she added.

Goins, Writer
Five Myths About Reading & How to Put Them to Death

In the nearly three years that I've been blogging through Time's Top 100 English-Speaking Novels, I've had many a discussion about books and reading. Photo Credit: Pensiero via Compfight cc If I've learned one thing (other than the fact that 101 books is a lot of books!), it's that readers have strong opinions.

Michael Hyatt
5 Ways to Make More Time to Read

"I don't have time to read." When I tell people about my blog, that's one of the comments I usually hear in response. The implication-or at least the way my possibly oversensitive mind takes it-"You must not have any life to read that many books ... loser."


A Country Club Landscape Redesign Brings Major Visual Impact

In the spring of 1959, a group of golfers met to discuss their growing frustrations with the crowded course at Charlotte Country Club in Charlotte, NC. Led by James Harris, a successful insurance executive, the group ultimately decided to pack up shop and start their own club.

You're Not a Personal Brand - Robert Bruce - Medium

I'm not a personal brand. I'm a person. When a 4th grade classmate told me I was the smallest 9-year-old he'd ever seen, I felt the sting of embarrassment. When I transferred to a new school at the age of 12, with few friends in a frightening world of pre-pubescent tribalism, I felt the hurt of isolation.

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