Sarah Ratchford


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I'm a writer, host, editor, producer and consultant. I've been in the business nearly a dozen years, and I believe journalism's latest technological renaissance can lead to an industry with more empathy, and therefore more truth, than ever before. Creating accurate work that is attuned to social justice principles is my top priority.

When I'm not being a journalist, I'm usually focusing on ways to make life a little more simple, a little more relaxed. I spend a lot of time in the local yoga studio, doing gentle homesteady things like gardening and fermenting kombucha, and reading as many novels as I can squeeze in.




What it's like to be trans in politics | locallove

It's not unusual for Rachel Lauren Clark to go from laughing to getting choked up in a matter of minutes. If the award-winning trans rights activist is full of emotion and empathy, it's because she's been there. Clark is a woman with lived experience of immigration, poverty, homelessness, discrimination, gender confirmation surgery and, now, community activism.