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I'm Rashad,

Currently a Reporter at InStyle Magazine. I also write & have written for several other media outlets including Billboard, Business Insider, Elle, Essence, InStyle, Kontrol, The Huffington Post, & Vibe.

I also have a blog that hasn't been updated since 2017 but I'm currently working on redesigning so it'll be back soon. If interested, please visit it helped me get my first publishing job at GQ Magazine.

Designer Spotlight: Esé Azénabor-Grembowski

As a child, Nigeria-born, Canada-raised designer Esé Azénabor-Grembowski's genuine curiosity swung a different way. Inspired by the mother of her childhood best friend and the gorgeous dresses she uniquely designed for her daughter, Esé became fascinated by garments and how someone could produce something so magnificent out of a piece of fabric.

Designer Spotlight: Kara Chin

It's not unusual for millions of us to naturally start out loving something we're good at - until we don't. That's somewhat how designer Kara Chin's story goes. The Long Island native began as a stylist back in 2014 with the help of Ashaunna Ayers, who believed in her and offered her a chance.

Designer Spotlight: Brett Banks

The beginning of Brett Banks' story reads like something out of a Black fairytale, one we nowadays only hear about from those folks who were around in the '40s and '50s. How so? When discussing Black ownership in the present time, we always look back to the days of Black Wall Street and the Black grocery stores, cleaners, and pharmacies that our communities owned.

Career Conversations: Deon Graham of Combs Enterprises

Deon Graham is the Chief Brand Officer of Combs Enterprises, a portfolio of businesses and investments built and cultivated by music legend and mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs or Puff, as Deon and those close to him still say. He was born and raised in Los Angeles until his parent's careers moved the family across the country to South Florida near Miami.

Yashua Simmons: The Creative Consultant Opens Up About his Fashion Journey

Yashua Simmons' story started in Yonkers, NY, until his folks relocated the family to Rockland County so that the five kids could attend elementary and middle school in a better school district. When he entered Saunders Trades and Technical High, the family had returned to Yonkers, which allowed him to take advantage of the city's close proximity to Manhattan.

Alexis Bennett: From Working at ADT Security to Vogue Commerce Writer

As a little girl, Alexis Bennett always dreamt of becoming a model and would dress up in bathing suits to emulate the ladies of America's Next Top Model during the show's initial days. Bennett comes from Deerfield Beach, which is just outside Boca Raton in South Florida.

Designer Spotlight: Sai Sankoh Gets Candid About Life & Design

Sai Sankoh is the embodiment of the saying "you won't know until you ask." Precisely what wouldn't we have known? For one, she is initially from the motherland, Africa, for the individuals who are new to what that implies. Specifically, she hails from Sierra Leone, a country off the west coast of Africa.

Career Conversations: Kat Mateo On the Responsibility of Being a Casting Director

Katherine Mateo started her life as a competition dancer in Orange, New Jersey - think Ballet, Tap, Jazz and a life reminiscent of Lil Romeo in the 2003 film Honey starring Jessica Alba. The Afro-Latina, who always makes sure to represent both the Dominican and Black sides of her heritage, has since turned into one of the new generation's coolest casting directors.

Latoia Fitzgerald: Meet the Women's & Children's Designer

Latoia Fitzgerald is behind Lionne and Dillonger Clothing - the former a women's' clothing line, the latter a children's brand named after the designer's son Dillon. Fitzgerald's affection for the arts developed at a young age, which seems natural when your mother is a seamstress and your father a videographer.

Brandon Blackwood on Studying Neuroscience and Building an Accessories Brand

Prior to becoming one of the two most popular Black accessory designers of the moment, Brandon Blackwood, the Jamaican-Chinese Brooklyn native, studied neuroscience at Bard College. He comes from a customary Caribbean family that "foreseen him finding a vocation in the stem world" until they discovered at his graduation that he was receiving his Bachelor's degree in American Studies, not Neuroscience as they were led to believe.

Tahir Murray: Building a Fashion Brand Inspired by HBCUs

Tahir Murray founded Legacy. History. Pride, a collegiate brand inspired by Historically Black College Universities, better known as HBCUs. Murray stems from an ambitious West Indian family that immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago to Queens, New York in the 1960s. He was born and spent his early years there until his father decided to relocate the family to Atlanta, Georgia.

Brittney Escovedo: The Beyond 8 Founder on Family Influence, Relationships & Betting on Yourself...

How many have parents in both the STEM and creative sides of life? For Brittney Escovedo, the mix has been part of her reality since the day she was born. How many have parents in both the STEM and creative sides of life? Her mother and grandmother found happiness in the world of healthcare; her grandfather is Mexican American percussionist Pete Escovedo, her father Juan Escovedo, a musician who’s toured with MC Hammer.

Kevin McIntosh: Keeping It Real as a Global PR Director

As somebody who spent the early portion of his adolescence on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kevin McIntosh's bio is nothing short of energizing. In 2001, his family relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, a city and world vastly different from the island lifestyle.

Kenneth Courtney: From CMT & MTV to Fashion & PR

As stereotypes go, fashion is probably less likely expected out of Louisville, Kentucky, than, say, New York or Los Angeles. Nor is theater and PR and marketing. But for Louisville native Kenneth Courtney, that's exactly the foundation that propelled him into the American fashion industry.


With the CFDA I launched our #CareerConversations, which profiles the rise of talented young Black individuals in the fashion industry. Starting off the series is @_terrry, the Senior PR Manager for #CFDAMember brand @r13.
24 Fragrances That Dad Will Want to Wear Every Day

CLIVECHRISTIANPERFUME/INSTAGRAM We spent weeks testing bottle after bottle after bottle of fragrances, all with one goal in mind: to create this versatile list of the top 24, which is sure to help you make a solid purchase this Father's Day.
31 Father's Day Gift Ideas That'll Surely Leave Him Impressed

For many people, choosing the perfect Father's Day gift is no easy task. Unfortunately, you can't just pick up some flowers and chocolates from the supermarket and call it a day; it's likely that dad's wants and needs aren't as concise. One moment, he might be eyeing a fancy watch at the mall.
27 Father's Day Gifts for the Stylish Dad in Your Life

An "I love you" or "thanks for being there" is always appreciated, but you'll earn bonus points by giving dad something special to unwrap on Father's Day (paid for with your credit card this time).
The Best Places to Rent Your Prom Dress

Prom has always been a big deal for graduating seniors, but let's face it ... we live in a social media world where high-schoolers are going viral and definitely out-shining all of our mediocre prom memories. But one thing certainly hasn't changed.

AGL Wants to Bring a Twist to Red Carpet Footwear

When AGL launched in 1958, founder Piero Giusti wanted to produce shoes for a certain type of woman: One who needed a functional and comfortable shoe that looked far more expensive than it actually was.

Pusha T And Adidas' Latest Sneaker Inspired By NYC's Bodegas

The "Bodega Babies," pays tribute to that special store on the corner that almost everyone from or who currently live in New York City can relate to. G.O.O.D Music's president and unstoppable rapper, Pusha T, has returned with his latest installment - or fourth to be exact - with Adidas.

Could FUBU be the Next '90s Brand to Make a Comeback?

Any streetwear fan born in the '80s or '90s has a special place in their heart for FUBU (short for For Us By Us). Founded in 1992 by Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown, the brand started small with a line of hats made in John's house in Hollis, Queens, New York, but grew into a cultural phenomenon.

Golden Goose Goes Even More Gold for Its 10th Anniversary

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of it Superstar Sneaker, Golden Goose is going gold! We're talking really gold. More gold-er than ever. Designers Francesa and Alessandro Gallo have created a 1000-piece limited edition capsule collection made of t-shirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, and of course its iconic Superstar sneaker, all of which look like they've received the Midas touch.

The Huffington Post
Kimora Lee & I

Kimora & I during our Interview for The Huffington Post. . in this particular clip she was speaking on Diversity in the Fashion Industry and how she's always pushed for that especially being that she's a minority herself...
Nike Teams Up With Spike Lee For "Do The Right Thing" Inspired 'Fly 89' Jordan Sneakers

Brooklyn became the home to the launch of Jordan's newest sneaker "Fly '89", in partnership with the classic movie "Do The Right Thing". Nike has teamed up with legendary film director, producer, writer, and actor Spike Lee for the "Fly 89", a sneaker that pays homage to the Jordan IV, and Lee's classic film "Do The Right Thing".

The Sneakers That Future, Gucci Mane and More Will Be Wearing This Spring

Mikiel Benyamin, stylist to Cardi B, Keke Palmer, and Mario, predicts that for men this season the go-to sneaker will be the Vetements x Reebok InstaPump Fury trainers. "These are very hot right now. They've already been worn by Teyana Taylor, South Korean rapper G-Dragon of BIGBANG and other celebs.

Meet The Fashion Stylist Behind Nicki Minaj's New Look: Exclusive

Celebrity stylist Maher Jridi has a special task at hand. After styling high-fashion editorial shoots on and off for eight years and completing two stints at both a modeling and a photography agency, the Parisian stylist decided it was time to settle down.

Why Men Hate Doing Laundry

What is it about laundry that men, and even boys hate? Is it the labor or is it the time that it takes away from you?

Five Coats You Need This Season

Fall has arrived (depending on where you live), but I'm in the North East so fall has arrived, and with this season comes an offering of superb over & top coats for us to purchase. I've sniffed through one of my favorite menswear sites to provide you with pickings by Rashad.

Is My Barber Robbing Me?

As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't ask for, and then tries to charge me for it. I'm at a quandary here, how do you feel entitled to charge someone for something they didn't ask for?

Kontrol Magazine
A Look at Russell Westbrook's Second Collaboration With True Religion - Kontrol Magazine

True Religion and Russell Westbrook have team up again for his most progressive and versatile collection to date. Westbrook served as the designer for his Fall 2016 collection which features 17-pieces consisting of denim, knits, tees, thermals and accessories that reflect his somewhat risk-taking style. Apparently, the first collaboration between Russell Westbrook, and True...

Kontrol Magazine

Christian Louboutin has launched exclusive capsule collection, a first-of-its-kind collaboration, with, the newly launched e-concept store for men devoted to sport and style. You may remember the name Sporty Henri as Mr.Louboutin partnered with the company earlier this year to support the Cuban National delegation as Official Supplier of the Celebratory Outfit in the recent Olympic Games...

Kontrol Magazine
Suit Supply Releases Their Fall/Winter '16 Collection - Kontrol Magazine

If you know suits, then you know Suit Supply, if you've ever wanted a suit that didn't have to cost you more than $1000, then you know Suit Supply. If you've ever been to New York Fashion Week, then you know Suit Supply. Therefore this introduction is for those who don't fall under any of...

Foxy Brown; The Mahogany Rap Bitch

Foxy Brown; the chocolate rap bitch from the 90's. First off, where is she? Can someone tap her on the shoulder for a feature or an entire EP? It's almost sad to say, but when kids born after 1995 mention female rap, they usually only mention Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

Why People Who Work In Fashion Are Afraid To Admit They Love Zara

I've encountered many people who work in the Fashion Industry who love Zara, but are afraid to admit it. I've walked the halls of two of the top magazine publishing companies in New York City. I'm sure you can imagine the top-secret conversations that go on in between those walls.

The Sunglasses Hip-Hop's Biggest Names Swear By

When looking back on hip-hop style through the decades, sunglasses prove to a be a consistent and influential accessory. In the '80s and '90s, dark-tinted Versace shades, as seen on Biggie and P. Diddy, were all the rage. Today, there's much more variety in style and designers (including ski goggles previously only worn on the slopes -- thank you, 2 Chainz!).

Stop Hating on The Man Bag; It's Not a Purse!

What's with everyone and their hatred towards a man with a bag? Okay hatred may be a strong word depending on where you're from or currently live. In metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, NYC, Washington D.C, Miami, and Atlanta. The "man bag" controversy may not cause much controversy at all.

Is the Male Model Overlooked?

In an industry where the female counterpart trumps the male twice-fold does the male model get overlooked? Sure it's programmed in our nature to think female when you hear the word fashion; however in an industry where the male is used mainly for his pecs rather than his runway walk, I feel we get left behind.

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