Rani Mayer

Campaign, Communications and Content Manager


I’m a Marketing Communications Manager based in Sydney, Australia.

Experienced in marketing campaign strategy with a passion for creating digital and content marketing, I am well versed in writing everything from corporate blog content and newsletters, pop culture and travel articles, app content and social media posts.

Weaknesses: Vintage markets & pistachio gelati in a cup.

Open to: freelance jobs, short-term contracts, collaborations.

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Content Marketing

Green Villages - City of Sydney
Garage sale shopping tips from Lisa Gorman

As ambassador for the 2015 Garage Sale Trail and a lover of all things eclectic, we found out Lisa Gorman's top tips for picking up the perfect piece to complement your style.

Travel Editorial

Unlike.net - Amsterdam
Buffet van Odette

Sitting inner city and canalside, one little lunchroom offers a little slice of prim and proper without any associated fuss. This casual yet crisp establishment oozes intoxicating perfumes of baked goods and coffee, and to study the breakfast and lunch menu is to learn that every line itemises an edible comfort more enticing than the last.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Casa Camper: stylish boutique hotel in Barcelona

The team at Camper took the same flourish that they use to design simple and comfortable shoes and created a slick little space for weary heads to lay. Converting a typical 19th century building in the middle of Barcelona's gritty El Raval area into a boutique hotel, Casa Camper is sparse in furnishings but heavy on stylish, fun and hip accents.

Unlike.net - Amsterdam
Café Brecht

Quaint and neighbourly, Café Brecht is a charming homage to playwright, journalist, and poet Eugene Berthold Brecht. While it's sans the German Marxist in the flesh, rich textures of pre-war interior furnishings, soft lighting and stencils of his signature spectacles randomly scattered on damask wallpaper engage you in the possibility of living in an intellectual's dimension.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Colette Concept Store in Paris: a mecca of hip

The Colette concept store in Paris takes everything that's hot in street culture and couture and combines them effortlessly into one 740m2 mecca of chic. It was hip before hip was even happening.

Unlike.net - Amsterdam
Recycled Bicycles

Recycled Bicycles (Shop) in Amsterdam, Spuistraat 84 A, Centrum district | Freewheelin' around Amsterdam is the only way to coast for the sake of speed and flexibility, but y...

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
G&T's Really Really Nice Place in Amsterdam

What's the difference between a 'nice' place, and a ' really really nice place '? Well, in the case of brunch, it's the little touches. Amsterdam used to be a one horse town when it came to anything remotely akin to brunch standards, so it's no wonder the locals literally hollered Hallelujah when G&T's Really Really Nice Place opened their doors.

Pop Culture Editorial

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Aqueous Fluoreau photo series by Mark Mawson

If Puff the Magic Dragon actually existed, I'm sure his lair would be filled with hypercoloured fumes like these. Inspired by graffiti, vibrant colours, and watching milk being poured into coffee, British photographer Mark Mawson has created a punky mystical ambience where fluid formations of colour have their own breath of life.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
French street artist C215

French street artist C215 certainly knows how to colour coordinate. Whether he uses a rainbow palette or split complimentary hues in his pieces, he manages

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Facebook Shower Curtain

Just when you thought a particular social network couldn't dominate your life any further than it already has, think again. It's now set to invade more tha

Lost at E Minor: For creative people
Paint Job Hijack at the Rijksmuseum

Under normal circumstances, you'd be hauled off promptly to the nearest police station for defacing art of significant historic and national value. But Dutch advertising agency Brilliant After Breakfast have managed to pull it off. Having created a virtual exhibition in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, they are aiding and abetting the act of digital delinquency.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Incredible faux yoga by French breakdancer Arthur Cadre

I would like to categorically disagree with anyone who says that yoga is reserved solely for the wheatgrass binging, chakra cleansing and crystal gazing. In fact, it's possible that it has just found a new niche audience - Breakdancers. After watching this video, the correlation seems explicitly logical and obvious.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
How Max Zorn creates his tape-art works

We first told you about Max Zorn in July this year when his fresh tape-art works were just in Amsterdam. Tinkering with nothing more than an exacto knife, some packing tape and plastic sheets, it takes wrapping his work around street lamps to see the pieces in all their glory as the complex layers of slicing and shading formations take their full effect.

Lost At E Minor: For creative people
Surrealist collage photography by Dean West

With dazzling attention to detail, Toronto-based Australian photographer Dean West creates surrealist collaged images that tell quite a tale. Always using a multi-layered approach, his commercial work is slick while his conceptual work features suspense filled storylines and emotionally charged subjects that are in the midst of a visually intoxicating commotion.