Rana Tabrizi

Writer for the Mesa Press, Behavioral Tutor, Music Teacher

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My name is Rana Tabrizi and I am a writer for The Mesa Press. I graduated from UCSD with a degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Music. I currently work as a music teacher and behavioral tutor, and spend much of my time doing community-building work. I aspire to continue writing as a journalist and pursue Music Therapy. I have always taken pleasure in writing, and believe that the world will move in a positive direction as we bring light to the experiences of others, and share the responsibility of establishing equality and opportunity for everyone.

"Rosewater" Draws Attention to Injustice and Censorship

In an age when media have the capacity to reach ever-expanding groups of people, filmmakers have a unique platform to communicate ideas more broadly and rapidly than before. Many use that platform to raise consciousness about the injustices rampant in societies around the world.

Original Sab-E-Lee Restaurant Serves Customers Savory Thai Cuisine

Establishments that specialize in Thai cuisine are not difficult to come across in San Diego. The appeal in dining at The Original Sab-E-Lee, therefore, does not exclusively lie in its exquisite food, but also in its comfortable environment.

UCSD Duo Piano Recital Mesmerizes Audience

Each year the University of California, San Diego hosts a plethora of concerts in the renowned Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, featuring recitals by the students who study there. On Dec. 4 the venue was host to a captivating duo recital, featuring two of UCSD's piano performance graduate students.

Tajima Ramen House Provides Customizable Ramen Dishes

Ramen enthusiasts need not look further than Convoy Street to appease their cravings. Tajima Ramen House provides customers with a considerable variety of options, allowing diners to customize their Ramen bowls. The Japanese dish is traditionally characterized by several elements-broth, noodles, and a variety of toppings.

Harar Gives Diners Taste of Ethiopia

At first glance, passersby may mistake Harar Ethiopian Restaurant for a quaint home. Situated on El Cajon Boulevard, the restaurant sets itself apart from every surrounding establishment; its audacious neon-green exterior and charming porch make for an exceptionally unique aesthetic.

Spiritual Unity Team Promotes Harmony Amongst Differences

The Spiritual Unity Team at Mesa College is creating a space for students to share thoughts on spiritual concepts, to learn about different faiths and to serve the community alongside a group of companions.

Joshua White Quintet Reflects Booming San Diego Jazz Scene

Attend a performance by any number of San Diego's accomplished jazz musicians, and you can expect to be moved by the sincere sentiment and captivating energy of its players. UCSD's ambient venue, The Loft, hosts a variety of these musicians, more recently presenting the Joshua White Quintet on Oct.

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Mesa Students Work At It

The San Diego Mesa College Research Office reports that 67 percent of its students were employed during the previous school year. This figure proves comparable to data gathered on a national scale: the Current Population Survey conducted by the U.S.

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Lamb's Players' Production 'Les Misérables' Proves Captivating

Lamb's Players Theatre characterized its current production of Les Misérables by the intimacy with which it was shared with the audience. The set extended to merely a foot away from its viewers, allowing members in the front row to literally feel the action as actors whizzed on and off the stage.