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Women After the Arab Spring

Posted: The Arab Spring continues to blow winds of change in the Middle East. There is no doubt the direction these countries are heading in will affect Arab societies and...

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In Mideast, Media Caught Between Two Extremes

Since the 2011 Arab uprisings, there has been little doubt that enhanced access to information and news contributed to political and social activism, pushing the boundaries of...


The Regression Of Human Rights In The Middle East

Posted: With a high death toll in Syria, intensified sectarian strife across the region and a sharp rise in conservatism, it's easy to forget why the Arab Spring actually began....

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Investigating Truth in Midst of Arab Spring

Contrary to the saying that truth is the first casualty of war, the Arab Spring has overwhelmingly broken a barrier of fear that has presided over the Middle East for decades....

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Searching for Arab Democrats

As I watch the Arab Spring, I recognize the road ahead will be long and difficult. While many Arabs are calling for democracy, the region continues to lack democrats, a key...

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The View From Jordan

The country of Jordan is sometimes called a mosaic. It is literally home to one of the oldest mosaics in the world, including the famous Holy Land map. Symbolically, it is also...


In Jordan, Some Regret a Missed Opportunity

AMMAN - Two weeks ago, Manal, 27, dressed in a black robe, walked slowly in a crowd of several hundred demonstrators - mostly men - carrying children, waving Jordanian flags or...

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Defining Democracy

"Town meetings are to liberty what primary schools are to science; they bring it within the people's reach..." -- Alexander de Tocqueville, from Democracy in America. On a...

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American Military Interventions In Post 9/11 World

A year after the September 11, 2001 attacks on Washington and New York, former President Bush's national security strategy was clear: US interests triumph all else and...

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Ending It All

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Worrying for America

Recently I met with Majed, an elderly Arabic schoolteacher in Amman, Jordan. Not long ago, he taught me Arabic, and we still meet occasionally to talk about the media in Jordan....

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Stopping the Press


Syrian Brides

Respective Scope

In Came Palin

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Protests in Jordan have led to a new prime minister-what happens next?

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Techno-utopian solutions to Syria's refugee crisis fall short

In a dull, pre-fabricated caravan in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp, a group of Syrian children marvel at brand-new laptops and tablets, tapping out words. In another corner, a...

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