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Hello to my fans - my name is Ramon Pena. I'm a recent college graduate trying to break into the big world of independence. I am passionate about creating interactive and memorable experiences to clients and my reward is, above all else, their smiles. I try to have an impact on this giant world one word at a time.

Florida Votes 2016: U.S. House Florida District 3

In Florida's 3rd Congressional District, consisting of about 700,000 people, there are three names on the ballot: Ted Yoho (R), Ken McGurn (D) and Tom Wells (NPA). Each are vying to represent the state's newly-drawn district, which looks like this: Ken McGurn was initially reluctant to accept his bid as the Democratic candidate for the Florida District Three House of Representatives seat.

Home in Greater Gainesville
For The New Age, Blacksmithing is an Art

What was once a vital part of life has now taken a turn for the ordinary - and Gainesville residents couldn't be having more fun with it.

Business in Greater Gainesville
Cyber Security Starts With White Hacking - Business in Greater Gainesville

The general method of operation for cyber security is to test for vulnerabilities in systems and then improve them. To be proactive in cyber defense, the experts have to think like the attackers. This method is called "white hacking," and it's one of the tools used against possible attacks from individuals, businesses, "hacktivists" and even world ...


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Bernie Sanders' grassroots movement reaches Gainesville

Gainesville is "feeling the Bern" as Gainesville Wants Bernie, a local group, is hosting a meet-up Wednesday at High Dive bar per request of Democratic Party nominee Bernie Sanders. The meeting comes as part of Sanders' pro-grassroots campaign, which has asked Americans nationwide to organize on Wednesday and hold conversations on how to start an "unprecedented grassroots movement."