Marshall Benveniste - Content Marketing Writer and Strategist

Raintree & Lane Digital Marketing

United States

I write original, compelling, purposeful content that speaks for you and your brand. I think, plan, organize, develop and manage marketing strategy throughout the entire customer journey.

- Blog posts
- Web content
- Social Media
- Email
- Search Engine Optimization
- Ghost writing
- Presentations
- Articles
- Press releases
- Instructional materials
- Flyers
- Advertisements

I have over 15 years of experience in professional writing and marketing. My clients consistently say that I am reliable and easy to work with (and wish they had met me earlier!). I write for consumer, business-to-business, and academic audiences. I hold a BA, MBA, and Ph.D., plus I am a Certified Digital Marketing professional.

CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]

Below are examples of my work. References and additional samples are available upon request.

Women's Worth Alliance
Home | Women's Worth Alliance

Women will own two-thirds of all wealth in the U.S. by 2030. 1 We believe that the money taboo is a long-standing, harmful reality in our culture. It leads to errors and disputes, patterns of ignorance, mistakes, inequality, and fear and anxiety for women. Learn More About How We're Changing the Money Story...

Gratz Park Private Wealth
5 Ways to Get the Power of Dividends to Work for You - Gratz Park Private Wealth

Everyone likes to get paid. Did you know that you can get paid as an investor, too? How? Through the power of dividends. When a company earns a profit, there are two main places where the money can go: The profits can be put back into the company to expand operations (by purchasing additional equipment) or to pay down their debt.Profits can be distributed as a dividend, which is a cash payment to shareholders.

Reading the Terms of Your Credit Cards: Top Things to Look Out For ~ Diversyfund

Fifty-six delegates signed the principal founding document of our great republic in 1776-the Declaration of Independence. At 1,458 words, the document has stood for over two centuries as one of the mightiest of all proclamations. Compared to our nation's monumental document, a typical credit card disclosure of terms and conditions runs over 8,000 words of dry, unmoving text.

Signature Wealth Strategies
Real Estate Investing | Signature Wealth Strategies

In his celebrated 1822 song, Home, Sweet Home , playwright John Howard Payne profoundly and firmly holds his own home as a more revered spot than a royal palace (even if the said home is a "lowly thatched cottage").

Financial Planning
Still no succession plan? Look to Gen X acquirers

If you're like many financial advisors I talk to, you can't wait for 2020 to end. But if you are an advisor 55 or younger and committed to growth, or a practice owner looking to retire but without a formal succession plan in place, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting on.

Signature Wealth Strategies
Better Together: Essential Small Business Survival Tips for Right Now | Signature Wealth Strategies

The stunning beauty of a Maidenhair tree is matched only by its remarkable resilience to survive all sorts of environmental challenges that topple less hardy species. The tree agelessly defies strong winds, pollution, and drought. The secret of how a Maidenhair tree can live for more than 1,000 years was recently discovered-its ability to adapt to environmental stressors helps it survive.

Signature Wealth Strategies
The Top 7 Social Security Myths | Signature Wealth Strategies

Social Security seems simple. But this retirement benefit is in fact quite nuanced, with many variables to consider-including when to start collecting, how to maximize your benefit, and what to do if you choose to go back to work. Here, we shine some light on common Social Security misconceptions to help get the most from your hard-earned benefits.