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The excellence of VCU students

After nearly a decade of unprecedented growth, enrollment at universities around the nation is now beginning to decline for many reasons. That trend is being seen across Virginia, too, including here at Virginia Commonwealth University. But VCU's students continue to excel in some very significant ways.

VCUarts Department of Music
September 2013: Colby Mullen, voice - VCUarts Department of Music

For some, internships were a dreaded experience. Part of this anxiety probably stemmed from media representations of interns doing nothing but fetching lunch orders or filing decades-old dusty papers. Interns are often afraid that after weeks or months, they will have nothing to list on their resumes except "coffee order expert" or "copy machine troubleshooter."...

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VCU May Commencement 2016 (with images, tweets) · VCU

Students received professional, graduate and undergraduate degrees at the VCU Commencement ceremony held at the Richmond Coliseum on May 14, 2016. In all, VCU awarded more than 5,000 degrees. #VCU2016

Art Direction

Art Direction - Mary Anne Rennolds Chamber Music Series

Art Direction - The Merry Widow