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Creative Nonfiction, Journalism, and Poetry

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Raia Small is a writer and activist living in northern California. Her work has been published in Two Hawks Quarterly, Make/shift, and |tap|. She has worked as a barista, social studies tutor, photocopy shop employee, babysitter, and community organizer. Her writing engages affective labor, illness, Marxism, feminism, aesthetics, and feelings.

I Was Out by Raia Small

On the west side near the bus terminal on the overpass overlooking a sea of retired train cars, tucked in rail to rail. They were captives at the station, a soft spray of Hudson River water slowly rusting their bodies. It's an imperceptible shift, from motion to stillness, but the turnover will wreck your brakes.

tapmag | Raia Small

WHOEVER CAN SEE THIS NO LONGER NEEDS TO ATTAIN ANYTHING I'm on the Q train, talking to a friend about the ex-boyfriend she had seen the night before. She recently returned from Mexico City, where she spent 18 months getting to know the father she grew up wondering about.

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my interview with the brilliant @bighedva is out in the latest issue of @makeshiftmag!pic.twitter.com/F8DytnSKSO

Two Hawks Quarterly

and all we can do is dig. - Jonathan Galassi Remember when we dug up the rusted carburetor in the garden? The torn rubber tire tread, the dirt-encrusted gears? Planting squash and basil, we ate the lead-steeped tomatoes stubbornly all summer. That's what this kind of excavation feels like: junkyard scraps where I should be planting.

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In the Kitchens of the Metropolis: An Interview with Silvia Federici, July 2015 (just a year late)pic.twitter.com/0QWVgSwut2

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