Rae Shambrook

Freelance writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Former Californian starting life anew in London.

My areas of experience are in the arts, entertainment and lifestyle. Previously, I was a magazine editor for a trade magazine focused on producing movies and television. In addition, I have written for Cheapsters, a site dedicated to living in Los Angeles on a budget.

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Let The Games Begin

Producer Nina Jacobson tells us how she brought The Hunger Games from page to screen and gives us a glimpse into the making of the film.

Buttermilk Bliss

By Rae Contreras Before the L.A. Street Food Festival, I heard the Buttermilk Truck's name thrown around as being one of the more popular gourmet food trucks, but I wasn't sure what they were about. All I had heard was they had red velvet pancakes-and I love red velvet anything.

Hop on the Gastrobus

With their affordable gourmet sandwiches, sides and desserts, The Gastrobus roadside bistro pleases even the most finicky cheapster foodies. By Rae Contreras The Gastrobus truly does embody the title "gourmet food truck." Armed with co-founder Antonio Medina, who once worked for Wolfgang Puck, the food is not only beautiful but is high-end fare you normally would shell out major bucks for.

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The Women Behind the Curtain

Three female film producers discuss producing special effects and what it's like working alongside the likes of James Cameron and Martin Scorsese

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Both Sides Now

A look at the career of Bonnie Arnold, who has produced Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon and Dances with Wolves.

Christmas Thrifts

By Rae Contreras You have scarcely two weeks before Christmas, and you still don't know what to buy your fashion-plate sister or emo brother. In a more forgiving economy, you would go to Urban Outfitters-the hipster's one-stop shop for stylish-if mass-produced-clothes and gifts.

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