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I am a fiction writer by nature but I have adapted my skills in writing material for content marketing and optimizing articles in Arabic and English for SEO purposes.

Monica Lewinsky and Cyberbullying, Slut Shaming the Crusader?

Speaking of judging, all hell broke loose when Monica Lewinsky reappeared with a public speech at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Forum this week. Websites, TVs, Bloggers, Social Media Networks were suddenly filled with two teams fighting against each other, one team supporting her courage to come out and speak of her ordeal and the other reminding her of her life as a "president's whore", some even called her unpatriotic and a "Spy".

Voxera beats roaming bill and VOIP ban

Voxera cofounder Amr El Gebaly arrived home after a holiday with his wife to a menu-like list of roaming charges on his phone bill. That bill shock turned into a device, launched via a Kickstarter campaign...

Going cashless in Egypt with Paymob

It is no secret that cash and informal transactions are still the norm in Egypt. Cash transactions account for 40 percent of the Egyptian economy. Globally, 60.7 percent of transactions were cashless...

A Writer's Quest to Get Notified

So, I am a writer and editor and I am passionate about a lot of things. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on where you are looking. That being said, I suck at follow up.

Road Kill

In Egypt, I am road kill, You are road kill. I have been mugged... When I got a number of a therapist from a friend the next day the "incident" happened, god bless her heart, I was hesitant. I mean, in Today's Egypt, who hasn't been mugged? Why am I any different?

FSOG: My Take on Fifty Shades of Grey|NoBullying|

" You Wouldn't Understand " " Enlighten Me Then " Here is where it all begins for Miss Anastasia Steele, a young senior student in college who announces she is a virgin to the dark twisted very mysterious young Billionaire Mr Christian Grey.

Jimmy Savile: A Reign of Terror Revealed|NoBullying|

Despite being a famous TV personality and being knighted in 1990 and raising over 40 Million Pounds for various charities, this week, reports and accounts have been emerging related to allegations of him allegedly abusing, molesting and even raping children and teenagers. Jimmy Savile was famous for being eccentric and having an outgoing tongue in cheek personality.

Egypt fintech startups prepare for lift off

In a country where only 14 percent of people have bank accounts, fintech startups servicing Egyptians' unmet needs are playing on a field that's still tipped in favor of big banks. The biggest...

Ousta is driving ride-hailing expansion in Egypt

With its major cities congested with traffic - taxi cabs, public transports and, lately, ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps - Egypt apparently still needs more when it comes to transportation. Catering to a population exceeding 90 million, international market players Uber and Careem launched in Egypt in 2014; a third player soon followed - a local ride-hailing app called Ousta.

Fustany's secret Egyptian fashion sauce

The power of a female-led community is highly under-estimated, says Fustany founder Amira Azzouz. "Women have a power of conviction to recommend, sell and back any topic to the best of their...

No hoax! Journas sets Arabic news record straight

Discredited news pieces and hoax science articles circulate throughout the web, and Arabic versions are not immune. So in came Journas, which is Reddit-like platform where users can either post material...