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Rachel Wayne

strategic storyteller and creative communicator

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I'm a copywriter, SEO writer, ghostwriter, and pro blogger specializing in productivity, work, tech, and health, as well as the nexus of those topics. I also produce media releases. Additional samples available upon request: email rachelwayne at zoho dot com

Brief Chat & Task Manager
How to Choose the Correct Project Methodology - Brief Chat & Task Manager

Take Stock of Your Environment Determine Everyone's Roles Evaluate How Often You Need to Deliver Project management is much more than making a to-do list, and choosing the wrong project management system can derail your progress. That said, there's really no right or wrong system - your team should use the one that suits your work style and environment.

Startup 101: Don't Fall for the Frills

Productivity lessons learned from a failed startup. Why do startups fail? It's a loaded question for entrepreneurs like me, who have poured their heart, soul, and countless hours into their big ideas. While we may pretend that it's bad luck, the harsh truth is that we likely misdirected our energy.

Working Hard is Making You Stupid

I am currently stupid. 2018 was a long year in which I successfully helmed a number of projects, worked full-time, improved my house and health, and oh yeah, became a writer on Medium. I was busy, busy, busy. My days involved a full 12-14 hours of activity.

How to Create the Perfect Resumé

Ah, resumés, the necessary evil of the job search. They can make or break your search, and they're remarkably easy to mess up. While many people have tried to break down the exact science of the perfect resumé, few have achieved it themselves.

Productivity Land
18 Online Collaboration Tools to Increase Team's Productivity - Productivity Land

18 Online Collaboration Tools to Increase Team's Productivity August 28, 2019 Whether you work remotely or in an office, the cloud is the perfect place to store all your team's work. Not only do you get peace of mind, but you also can unlock new levels of productivity with instant communication and real-time sync.

Take a Damn Break

Have you ever worked 12-hour days for a full week? Have you ever found yourself obsessively checking your to-do list and emails out of fear that you've forgotten something? Have you ever spent so much mental energy on work that you hit a point where the creative juices just don't flow?

Brief Chat & Task Manager
How to Build a Change Management Team - Brief Chat & Task Manager

Identify the team structure you need Avoid the pitfalls of restructuring Choose Thought Leaders to Coach Others Empower Your Change Management Team Change is scary, especially when it can affect the outcome of your whole business. Perhaps you need to restructure. Maybe you're going digital.

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