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I am a fourth year Humber Journalism Student at the Lakeshore campus. I am passionate about capturing the curiosity around the GTA community and presenting it in a lighthearted entertaining way through broadcast and online journalism. A new cat cafe? Skydiving in the suburbia? Many of my stories look at Toronto's firsts.

Making Friends with Furry Faces - Skedline.com

Humber Student Federation welcomed new and returning students with animals most of them hadn't seen. Students stood in line to have a lemur, who goes by the name King Julien, sit on their shoulder as a kangaroo hopped around freely. Tropical birds perched on fingers and a slow moving turtle ate his vegetables by the window.

The Time is Ticking For Target - Skedline.com

Target has begun the long road ahead of clearing aisles and more importantly people's jobs. Big red clearance signs are marked with a black sharpie displaying 20 to 40 percent off. Target's time is up and a dark cloud is left shadowing the American retail world as Canadian consumers second guess the U.S.

Hamilton's First Electronic Music Festival - Skedline.com

Hamilton hosted its first electronic music festival in Gage Park called the Eighth Day. Joshua Moran, a graduate of Berklee Music School, created the event to bring together those who have a love for electronic dance music. There were twelve performances and two stages.

Arts and Entertainment

Uploaded by skedline.com on 2014-11-21. I am the entertainment host later on in the broadcast. Arts and Entertainment at 5:45.

Highlights of Hope
"Art with a Heart"-Nuit Blanche Through the Eyes of a Lens.

Nuit Blanche is an artistic charity event hosted by Scotiabank. Nuit Blanche begins at 7:00pm and goes until sunrise. Throughout Toronto there are displays of art in the form of music, paintings, media, and sculptures. Through the art displays people are able to contemplate the meaning of the art forms as well as raise awareness...

Skydiving goes to a new level - Skedline.com

IFLY is the first indoor skydiving simulator of it's kind in Ontario. It welcomes a whole new world of entertainment to delve into on a weekend. Not far from the movie theaters you can enjoy a night of indoor skydiving, creating your own experience of what it feels like to defy gravity without jumping from a plane.