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Rachel Ladeby

Technical Writer

Location icon United States

Recent graduate of San Francisco State University; B.A. in Technical and Professional Writing; Associates in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations; minor in English American Literature


Technical and Professional Writing

New Hire Training Manual

In my final semester at SFSU, students were asked to work with a non-profit organization to produce a set of documents. With a team of 3 students, my group worked closely with Kelly Ernst-Fieldman, Executive Director of CommunityGrows, to produce a sales kit with posters, a brochure, and contact cards; an educational power point; and the new hire training manual. The manual implements a four day training program for all new hires and volunteers of this NPO.

The Jewish Community Federation
Grant Writing

This is a hypothetical grant proposal produced for the Jewish Community Federation's Young Adult Division program. The purpose of this grant was to seek money from the Walter & Elise Haas Fund to extend the reach of the program, which centers around student civic engagement, throughout the Bay Area. In this grant writing course, I became proficient in drafting the necessary elements of a grant proposal: letter of inquiry, statement of need, goal and objective statements, timeline, budget,...

San Francisco State University
White Paper

This white paper details how the integration of artificial intelligence programs can expedite the book publishing process. The paper looks at the four stages of book publication individually to recommend the AI programs most suitable for each step. The white paper in conjunction with the documents produced for the NPO collaboration make up the basis of the final documents necessary to obtain a degree in Technical and Professional Writing.

Published Articles

Defining The Tax On Tampons

Since tampons first appeared on the market in 1936, there has been a luxury tax levied on them, which seems to suggest that menstruation is a luxury. Uterine shedding is not an opulent gift I treat myself to each month. If it was I would demand a full refund for the physical expense of bloating, abdominal cramps, and fatigue.

Bay News Now
The Historic Charisma of North Beach

Encompassed between Broadway and Columbus Ave, San Francisco's North Beach is home to an eclectic community of a little over 11,000 residents. The district's strict take on Formula Retail laws pres...

Earth Day Reminder: 10 Years To Save The Planet

In his inaugural address at the height of the Great Depression, President Roosevelt credits the support of the American people in leading the nation to victory in its darkest hours. Leading us to victory in this modern era is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who released an outline for her proposed Green New Deal earlier this year.

Celebrities That Got Camp Fashion Right At 2019 Met Gala

Susan Sontag's 1964 essay, "Notes On Camp," defined the style revolution that plays on the love of the unnatural, ironic and extravagant. Over 50 years later, the Met exhibits iconic camp fashion from designers ranging from Gucci to Virgil Bloh's Off-White.

Creative Writing

Grossmont Community College
The Hermit

The Hermit is a short piece of fiction I wrote while in the creative writing degree program at my community college. It is the story of the sole remaining human being following a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions.

Grossmont Community College
The Library

This piece of flash fiction follows a woman who moves to a new town and innocently visits her local library, but it is not as it seems. In writing flash fiction, the word count parameter limits the scope of the writing. Drafting pieces of short fiction requires a level of detail that can only be accomplished through being concise and story driven.

Grossmont Community College
The Elixir of Life

This is one piece of a larger collection of short stories that all focus on the theme of psychological disorders. This particularly story revolves around hypochondria and a man who overcomes his anxieties and leaves his apartment for the first time in years