Rachel Korr

Editor and Writer

Location icon United States

As a professor of English and ESL with an MFA in creative writing, I spent ten years teaching, editing and proofreading multiple professional document types. Now I am transitioning into full-time writing and editing work, currently holding a temp position in a university development context that specifically utilizes my writing, editing, and proofreading skills.

A consummate grammarian and eagle-eyed proofreader, I excel at targeting errors or lack of clarity in grammar, syntax or word choice. Especially familiar with patterns that may occur in the writing of those from particular linguistic backgrounds, I am equally able to rapidly traverse an executive document or letter and pick out errors that detract from intended meaning or professional tone. At the macro level, I make edits and suggestions regarding issues of organization, messaging, audience awareness/tone, and overall style.

As a writer, I take these same features into account, honing in on the story that needs to be told and tailoring its message to particular audiences and contexts. Whether writing copy to publicize a new funding initiative or highlighting one organization or group’s recent achievements, I ensure accessibility, intrinsic interest, and appropriate language and tone.