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Racheli Fuld


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Racheli Fuld is a writer of all sorts. Driven by the passion to produce creatively through words, Racheli molds concepts, ideas, stories, and emotions into palpable communicative text.

Wearing Diamonds After a Split

Do people ever keep their expensive diamond and gemstone jewelry after a break up? More often than not, jewelry is presented surrounding some occasion of love or affection. Therefore always including some sort of sentimental value. Once the relationship ends, whether the piece is valuable or not, some just simply can no longer feel comfortable with their jewelry.

8 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Famous celebrities often have eccentric or powerful personalities, so it isn't so surprising when they decide to show it off. Needless to say, some of the most expensive pieces of diamond jewelry shown to the public was boasted by Holywood celebs!

Purple Pink Diamonds

One of the main reasons gemstones are appreciated so much is the fact that they are rare. Thus, the rarer the stone, the more desirable it becomes. Beauty is a factor as well, of course, but without the rarity element, they wouldn't have as much of a status.

Navigating My Dreams
5 Top Resorts in Israel

Israel is known for many things including history, nature, culture, and religion, but it can also be your ultimate luxury destination as well. While Israel's resources cannot compare to various larger countries, there is enough here to create some extremely pampering and relaxing resorts. I have onl

A Retailer's Guide to Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

The diamond and gemstone industry is somewhat of an enigma. On one hand it is all about keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, yet on the other hand, its product is stones that have been on this planet since ancient times.

That Time the German Tourist was Ashamed of Being German

People say that the best part of traveling, and life in general, are the experiences that we have. Beautiful sights are enjoyable to see and photograph; historic sites are important and fascinating; but the true understanding of where we are as well as where we are going comes from real life experiences.

I Was a Breastfeeding Snob... Until I Had Twins - Kveller

I was just shy of 23 years old when my first son was born. That meant that the sole people I viewed as role models were my mother, who had my sister when I was 13, and a handful of friends, who had children practically right after high school.

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