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Rachel Gilbert

Social Media & Digital Content Development Specialist

Location icon United States

If you're reading this, please sit back and enjoy the ride—grabbing a glass of your favorite beverage is also recommended.

Hi! I'm Rachel, and hopefully, I'll help restore your faith in the millennial generation. (Don't pretend like you didn't just smirk or roll your eyes...)

Even at work, it's rare that you'll find me without a smile on my face or a snack in my hand. I wholeheartedly believe in four things: hard work beats talent, love lives where you plant it, we haven't lived our best day yet, and mac and cheese is, in fact, a vegetable side dish.

My love for reading and writing started at a very young age when my grandmother taught me the importance of writing thank-you notes. Even today, regardless of how busy my life gets, I still write to family and friends—I'm talking actual letters in the mail, not FaceBook or Instagram direct messages—and read for 30 minutes every day. I'm a morning person through and through and fall a little more on the competitive side than I care to admit.

Here, you'll see graphic creations, interview-style blogs, social media campaigns and engagements, and long-form content. In my next role, my hope is to build meaningful relationships with my partners, develop thoughtful content, and bring a smile to someone's face. I hope you find a professional lightheartedness in my content—something that hits your heart and your head.


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