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Dr Rachel Ann Cullen

Runner / Writer / Non-fiction Author / Mental Health / Outdoors

Location icon United Kingdom

Usually out running in the Yorkshire hills when not perched on a beanbag writing ✍️

Author of non-fiction books‘Running For My Life’ & ‘A Midlife Cyclist’ 📖

Represented by literary agent Jo Bell of Bell Lomax Moreton

Passionate about:

> Running and Mental health
> Empowering women
> Sharing stories
> Honest conversations around prevalent issues including body image, mental health awareness, and promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

In January 2020 I was awarded an Honorary Degree from the University of Hull for significant personal achievement and contribution to the discussion around mental health.

I believe we all have "mental health issues" of some sort or another. It's time to talk openly and honestly about those.

I want to be a part of that discussion.



Vertebrate races in for Cullen's 'powerful' running book

Sheffield-based adventure publisher Vertebrate has signed Rachel Ann Cullen's Running For Our Lives, a "powerful" book about how running can help ordinary people to overcome struggles and challenges in their lives. Commissioning editor Kirsty Reade signed world rights from Jo Bell of Bell Lomax Moreton, for publication in April 2022.

Literary Agent and Publishing House biographies

Rachel Ann Cullen

Rachel Cullen is a writer, blogger, author and runner. She is also a reformed ex-commercial litigation solicitor. Amongst other things, she has abseiled off Table Mountain, jumped out of a plane at 11,000ft, climbed Mount Fuji, worked on a game reserve in

Rachel Cullen | Non-Fiction | Bell Lomax Moreton
Rachel Cullen | Non-Fiction | Bell Lomax Moreton

Rachel Cullen is a writer, blogger, author and runner. She is also a reformed ex-commercial litigation solicitor. Amongst other things, she has abseiled off Table Mountain, jumped out of a plane at 11,000 feet, climbed Mount Fuji, worked on a game reserve in South Africa, qualified as a scuba diver and ridden an ostrich.

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This Girl Can
Rachel's Story | This Girl Can

I was an unfit teen - overweight and lacking in self-confidence. Frequently coming last in school cross country events and never picked for team sports, I was under the impression that sport and fitness wasn't for me. I used to binge and comfort eat as a way of hiding my sadness during my mid-late teenage years.

The Runner's Blog | Saucony Blog

At the heart of Saucony is 'Run For Good'. Every day we think about this in order to challenge ourselves ... Read More Nine days ahead of New York 2018, I received a phone call from Spencer White, Saucony's head of innovation. "We have ... Read More

Handling lockdown & why I love hats

I live in hats. I run in hats; I walk in hats. I hike in hats and bike in hats (well, if you call a "lid" a hat, that is.) I love hats.Why?Because I wear hats when I'm outside. And that's when I feel most alive...

The Realities of Marathon Training...

Time check: 8:02 - My daughters is sitting in the kitchen happily tucking into a Pain Au Chocolat. (We're not posh. It's a treat.) YEEAAAHHHH! I'VE DONE IT! THE PLAN WORKED! I give myself a virtual fist-bump at arriving home on schedule, still having time to prepare a lunch box and disguise the fact that I am melting.

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Women's Magazine Articles

F R A N K Magazine Dec '20-Jan '21
The Power of Yet vs The Curse of Enough

When does our quest for progress, self-improvement and perfection tip over into something damaging? When is enough ever enough...

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The Women's Running Podcast
Rachel Ann Cullen - runner, author and mental health advocate

In this week's episode, Esther meets runner and writer and author of Running For my Life, Rachel Ann Cullen. She speaks openly and honestly about her mental health struggles, and how determined she is to get better for the sake of her daughter. She also talks tech and tells us how her Polar Vantage watch has changed her running game.

Listen Notes
Runner Mother And Author Rachel Cullen

The last month of 2020! We are starting this month with an incredible guest... In today's episode, we have the lovely Rachel Ann Cullen, she is a runner, a writer, a mother, and the author of "Running For My Life".

Episode 44: Rachel Cullen

Meet the incredible Rachel Ann Cullen. A talented writer, runner, personal trainer, influencer and mother, Rachel has her own unique story with mental health and passionately champions the power of the outdoors for recovery.

Episode 419 - Rachel Cullen

We talk gender equality in XC races, Mo pulls out of Doha, there was an American record at the Houston Half, GB win the Edinburgh XC relay, and Tom speaks to runner and author Rachel Cullen, Non-itunes users can subscribe via Libsyn Intro News Interview - Rachel Cullen Close Martin will be messing up the intro Tom will be hanging out with his Dad

Running Commentary Podcast
A Run in the Country with Rachel Ann Cullen | Running Commentary on Acast

Rachel Ann Cullen, author of Running for my Life, joins Paul and Rob for a beautiful loop in the Peak District. Featuring high-level trails and in-depth chat - listen for Rob trying to make a complicated point on a serious climb, and Paul just getting his head down, as Rachel makes spurious claims about her lack of fitness whilst leaving them both behind.

Running Stories Podcast
Running Stories Podcast interview

Running Your Stories welcomes Rachel Ann Cullen. Rachel is the author of "Running for my life" which tells Rachel's story of a lifelong battle with mental health issues. Finding running changed Rachel's life forever. This chat introduces the book, catches up on Rachel's story since and delves into some of the lessor talked about topics in life and how running has helped.

Newspaper Articles

the Guardian
Running in lockdown: 'It's an adventure down mysterious rabbit holes'

I run 5 or 10k three or four times a week. I find it really relaxing: I come back physically tired but mentally energised. Running is a great release, a stress reliever, especially during lockdown. It is more than a pastime; it is part of my wellbeing routine - it's vital for mental health.

Yorkshire Post
Mum reveals how marathon running helped save her life

It was standing at the start of the London marathon in 2015 that Rachel Cullen decided she was going to write a book about her life. "People kept saying to me 'oh but you are lucky, you're a born runner.'

Online Content

How cycling helped my mental health by Rachel Ann Cullen

I never imagined I would be writing this article, let alone a book about how riding a bike has played any significant part in my life - and my mental health. I was never a cyclist. It just wasn't a thing for me, nor did I particularly want it to be...

University of Hull Alumni Association
Running For My Life: Rachel Cullen discusses running, mental health and her new book

Rachel Cullen came to study Law at the University of Hull, where she did the first two years of her degree, before completing her studies in Leeds. As a student Rachel was diagnosed as bipolar, and even though after graduation she had a relationship, a career, a home, and a "normal" and successful life, something...

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Living North Magazine
A Midlife Cyclist

Finding the balance between mental and physical health

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