Rachel Bykowski

Content writer and creative storyteller on a mission to humanize brands

United States

I am a playwright, content writer & creator, storyteller, teacher, and advocate. I enjoy mixing my passion for the creative arts to develop bold and strategic pieces of content that manifest genuine connections and universal sentiments. I use my extensive training as a creative storyteller to generate compelling B2B and C2C content that moves beyond selling products and services and instead connects people to people and humanizes brands.

Writing specialties include:
• Blog posts
• Digital content
• Press releases
• Interviews
• Event coverage
• Profiles
• Opinion essays
• eBooks
• Ghostwriting
• Copywriting

CONTACT ME: [email protected]

Below are selected samples of my work



The Mx Group
The Virtual Event Evolution: The Future of Hybrid Events | The Mx Group

Back in April of 2020, The Mx Group, along with B2B organizations across the globe, faced a stunning level of uncertainty regarding anything that included physical human interaction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By that time in 2020, many companies already made the decision to explore remote working or a hybrid work model.


ASUG Executive Exchange Roundtables Focus on SAP Industry 4.Now and the Digitization of Supply...

ASUG Executive Exchange hosted two Executive Exchange Virtual Roundtables on Feb. 3 and 4 to address how SAP Industry 4.0-or better referenced as SAP Industry 4.Now-will benefit discrete and process industries. The two-day roundtable hosted by ASUG featured speakers from SAP along with SAP customers who have successfully deployed SAP Industry 4.Now and are benefitting from the transformation of their supply chains.

ASUG - America's SAP Users' Group
Advice from Your Western Region ASUG Chapters During COVID-19

ASUG is a membership organization for SAP software users across North America. Within ASUG, there are 38 chapters that host in-person and virtual meetings that help to connect members, grow their networks, and share SAP knowledge. The chapters consist of ASUG Volunteers who are leaders and practitioners in the SAP world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I interviewed various ASUG volunteers representing the 38 chapters on how their companies are coping with the pandemic and keeping their...

Opinion Essays and Social Awareness

HowlRound Theatre Commons

The Epidemic Plaguing Collegiate Theatre Programs |Rachel BykowskiRachel Bykowski speaks up about body-shaming in the theatre industry, and its effect on students in collegiate programs.

HowlRound Theatre Commons
Yes, All Men (Need to Listen)

Making Room for Womanhood in the American Theatre |Rachel BykowskiRachel Bykowski looks at Dana Lynn Formby's American Beauty Shop and Kristiana Rae Colón's good friday and asks: is it possible for women playwrights to tell truthful stories of the female experience and male oppression when men hold the majority of leadership positions in the American theatre?