Rachel McPherson

VP of Communications, Active Collab

United States of America

Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications in Active Collab. After finishing her master's degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins she pursued a career in the digital industry. She has more than 8 years in managerial positions, most notably in marketing and public relations.

SEMrush Blog
Practical Guide For Organized SEO Teams: 2017 Edition

Keyword research, link-building, online content, on-page and off-page SEO form part of the vocabulary of every smart SEO team. However, being aware of what should be done and knowing the best way to do it are two different things. Marketing teams and...

Webdesigner Depot
9 ways to organize successful creative projects | Webdesigner Depot

Getting your project organized and easily manageable is always a challenge when working as a part of a team. The problem reaches a whole new level when it concerns a creative project. Creativity blossoms the most when it's unlimited while collaborative projects crumble without rules.

How to Keep Your Marketing Campaigns Organized - SitePoint

Are you one of the many business owners or marketers who think your product launches are the only time to run marketing campaigns? Every marketing action should be considered a marketing campaign by you and your team.

7 Awesome Tools That Will Boost Your Creative Agency

From coordinating various tasks and communicating ideas to the rest of the team, to being regularly updated about any project changes and maintaining good communication with a client, there are multiple tasks we need to juggle to successfully meet the deadline.

Under The Hood of The Successful Startup

If you take your time and read posts by Business Insider and Forbes about up and coming startups in 2017, you will realize that most of the mentioned companies are based in the digital world. They consist of a small number of goal driven employees and are tackling different pain points that vary from communication and collaboration to student loan restructuring and refinancing.

Why Happiness of Your Web Design Really Matters - HOME

Image Source: Pixabay As much sit may seem simple and easy, working in a team is not an easy ride. From juggling multiple tedious tasks and attending weekly meetings to maintaining good communication with clients and working within deadlines, there are a plethora of things team workers need to do on daily basis.

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5 Simple Tools for a Better and Smarter SEO Campaign

No matter what kind of business you run, there must be a website including web pages which are listing the products services you are trying to sell.This is where SEO enters the game. Search engine optimization helps you make your website easy for both users and search engines.

5 Big Differences Between Procrastinators and Successful Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post by Rachel, currently working as the vice president of communications at Active Collab. To be labeled procrastinator is by no means a good thing. By definition, procrastination is the avoidance of doing the task that needs to be accomplished.

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ways-to-Boost Your Web Projects To The Next Level

When trying to balance different elements of complex and ambitious projects, there are many things business leaders need to be able to tackle. From handling resources and delegating tasks to answering to your client's needs and expectations and meeting deadlines, there is a number of challenges you have to face on daily basis and find the right way how to overcome them.

Adopt a Project Manager Software at The Right Time

Whether you are running a small business company or a big corporation, handling multiple tasks and keeping up with deadlines can be a huge challenge. From delegating tasks to your team and managing resources to maintaining communication with a client and working on your brand's visibility there are a number of things you need to keep under control.

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5 Big Challenges Designers Face in Team Collaboration

Managing, as well as being a part of a design team can be a challenging task. Many factors can affect the design process, which must be taken into account on a daily basis. Despite all the effort, when creative minds clash, there are some challenges are that are for sure going to show up during everyday work.

Amber Uninhibited
Five Strategies to Improve Customer Experience (Guest Post) - Amber Uninhibited

To any ambitious owner of a young and growing business company, customers are most valuable assets. Customer collaboration can make or break your business and investing in it is an imperative. Bad customer service can cost you arm and a leg and can have a detrimental effect on your future business endeavors and dramatically drop ...

Get More Done - Daily Task Management For Entrepreneurs - MyVenturePad.com

Once you choose to start your company, you are taking a step to a whole another plane: not only do you become an entrepreneur, but you also start to live, breathe, and dream your business. Every move you make should be inspired by one question: "Is this good for my company?"

The Benefits of Time Tracking Tools for Small Businesses

Before we get into why you should track time, let's devote a row or two to why you shouldn't: tracking someones work can cause sense of mistrust, it can give your employees the idea that the invested time is more valuable than the final result, and - sometimes - fulfilling a daily quota of invested hours becomes more important than actual work.

Love the Hustle
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Managing a Big Project

It turns out that you are more likely to fail than to succeed in handling and completing a big project. According to statistics , fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and within the budget over the past year, only 56% of all project managers are certified, and most of the time 80% of them they have no idea how their projects align with their company's business strategy.

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Why is time tracking helpful to your productivity? - SoftwareSuggest Blog

As a project manager, you have probably been in this situation where a project is well under way and task after a task is being handled by your team - but very, very slowly. Efficiency is low, productivity is low, and even though everyone seems to be working around the clock; nothing gets done on ...

UX Art
7 Tools to Improve Communication and Collaboration of Your Design Team

Even though you have managed to gather a dozen of excellent designers and build your agency around their superb work, something seems to be amiss: deadlines are being breached and clients - despite being satisfied with the overall result - are unsatisfied with communication, collaboration and a "vibe" they are getting from your team.

5 Essential Tools for Increasing the Customer Experience

Do we really need to make a comprehensive introduction about the importance of increasing customer experience and keeping your clients satisfied? No, we really don't. Because if you are reading this, then you already know why you should keep your customers happy. What you are not sure is how to do it.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Marketing Agency {Common}

Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Marketing Agency, These are their Biggest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid. Mistakes Marketers Must avoid these. The fast pace of today's digital world and highly demanding market we are exposed to has a huge impact on the way businesses operate.

How To Boost Your Agile Team Performance - MyTemplateStorage

You have opted for an agile approach on your next project and have gathered a team of exquisite individuals with set of skills needed to complete the job. However, they are not rising to the expectations and aren't performing as it is expected of them. You need to react before project ends in failure.

Project Management Works
How to keep your team focused during uncertain times

Even though your team possesses the right knowledge and skills to successfully complete the projects, even the most talented and highly-productive employees can sometimes become distracted and unproductive. Things don't always go as planned, and it's virtually impossible to keep the same pace and high level of productivity at any given time.

A Designer's Guide to Great Client Relationships - BrandedWorld.co

Benjamin here! This week's guest contributor is Rachel McPherson, Vice President of Communications at Active Collab . After finishing her master's degree in Communications, she has pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations. Rachel shares not only great tips but a guide to building great client relationships.

Organizing Your SEO Campaigns - Best Practices - Imbloggingtips

Leading an SEO campaign usually involves a group of talented and ambitious hard-working people juggling many tasks with the aim to produce the best results. According to imFORZA's SEO statistics, 70% of the links search users click on are organic.

10 essential tools to improve communication and focus

In today's digital world, when most of us are so preoccupied with daily duties and obligations, maintaining a good and efficient communication is an imperative.From delegating tasks and managing teams to marketing the brand and dealing with clients, there is a wide range of responsibilities entrepreneurs take on a daily basis.

The Future of Client Reporting - Time to Go Real-Time - WebTechHelp

In today's fast-paced society, quick and efficient communication has become an imperative. Whether your project requires more time and resources or it includes more simple tasks, clients just want to know the answers instantly, at any given time. Not only do they want an easy and fast access to information, but they also want it ...

Active Collab: Project Management Swiss Army Knife " XO PIXEL

Whether you are handling web development, web or graphic design or digital agencies team projects, it is important to stay on top of your work at all times, which is why selecting optimal project management software is paramount. Presenting: Active Collab!

7 mistakes to avoid when launching a web design startup

The studies show that even though 400.000 startups are established every year, 470.000 fail. Starting your own business and gaining a competitive advantage in today's highly demanding market is not an easy task. Before diving into the world of small and big business companies startups must learn to handle a wide range of marketing challenges and secure their place in the business world.

Business Town
Organizing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns-Best Practices

Anybody who has had the chance to work in marketing knows that being a part of a team is not a walk in a park. With the heavy workload that keeps piling up and many different distractions a modern office comes with, staying organized can be a challenging task.

How to do customer profitability analysis with different types of clients

Collaboration is possible only if both sides - client and an agency - have a full understanding of each other's wants and needs if communication is clear and goals are well defined. Sometimes, however, service providers come across difficult clients which make them want to run customer profitability analysis just so they can justify cutting the ties and ending a devastating professional relationship.

More Projects Than You Can Handle? Try Out These 7 Tools! |

It has happened again! By the stroke of luck or by the will of some higher power (let's leave the upper management out of the equation) you have been swarmed with multiple projects that differ in complexity and due time. Since this is not your first rodeo, you are well aware that problem before you ...

7 Productivity Tools that Help You Reach Zero Inbox - Deliblogic

Web development project is nearing its completion. However, you are swarm with emails from your team members as well as the client demanding overdue progress reports. On top of that, new newsletter from your favorite boutique, as well as the confirmation for your lunch order have arrived - simultaneously.

5 Ways to Increase Productivity in a Startup

Running a successful startup proved to be a bigger of a challenge than you had expected it to be? Clients are still few, and you need to make sure that each and every single one of them is happy with the final result they receive.

Vancouver SEO Company - Search Engine Optimization
5 Things To Learn About Sales, Stress, and Success From The Marketing Experts

In this data-rich world of technology, many people neglect the immense importance of communication. They get so preoccupied with daily duties and various processes that they don't get to spend enough time on meaningful communication with a client. Communication plays a significant role in almost every aspect of our lives, especially in business.

How to Tackle Key Challenges of Early Startup Growth - PreneurDigest

Startup companies usually need to face many bumps on their road to success. While businesses tend to grow naturally, the process of growth is usually a double-edged sword. There are various obstacles that entrepreneurs must handle to avoid pitfalls which might lead to failure.

How to Increase Job Satisfaction of Your Web Development Team

In the past, employees were thankful to the company for simply providing them with an opportunity to earn their living. Their gratitude was shown by extreme loyalty as well as a silent agreement to occasional mistreatments such as verbal abuse, work overload, and utter disregard for work-life balance.

How to Manage Remote Teams Like a Boss

While hiring remotely has a number of benefits such as smaller or no overhead costs and a greater pipeline of experts to hire, there are also some challenges most business owners need to tackle when trying to setup and manage a remote team.Here are a few tips how to make remote team management a breeze.

How to Deal with Risks of Cloud-Based Software

One of the most popular business practices in the digital age is the introduction of virtual offices and cloud-based services. In fact, the cloud market is showing rapid growth rates year on year and it is estimated that the trend will continue this year as well.

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Rethink The Way You Work - Optimize Your Outreach Campaigns

For many years now, the Internet has been a well-established marketing medium. Actually, it offers more marketing opportunities than any other platform out there. It is more versatile and agile than other marketing mediums and it offers you the opportunity to follow the results of your marketing progress in real time as well as customize your marketing outreach to individual consumers.

7 Secrets to Having Impeccable Relationships With Your Clients - SiteProNews

Imagine this common scenario...You receive a phone call from a business you're already dealing with. Let's assume that it's an Internet service provider: You: Hello... ISP: Hi, this is X ISP. Who am I speaking with, please? Wait, what? Aren't you already a client? Have they not even bothered to check your name from their record?