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Rachel Adler is currently a freelance writer, specializing in beauty and shoot production. She is the former Beauty Director for StyleCaster, a SheKnows Media site, where she started their first dedicated beauty site, Beauty High. She was previously StyleCaster's Beauty Editor, and before she dove into the beauty world headfirst she spent quite some time in the fashion closet (literally, her desk was there), beginning her career with StyleCaster as their Fashion Intern and then Fashion Assistant. She hails from the Midwest, having graduated from Purdue University, and is quite happy that she can now call Brooklyn, N.Y. her home.

It-Girl Hairstyles We Want To Try ASAP

Finding fresh hair ideas can be a tricky task - true hair masters are hard to find. They are passionate about the craft, constantly innovating, and dreaming up some of the coolest hairstyles around.

The 19 Most Sought-After Instagram Beauty Influencers of 2016

If you'd told us 10 - hell, even five years ago, that Instagram would soon launch multi-million-dollar careers, we probably would have casually laughed it off. But the photo-sharing app has created a platform for some of the most prominent beauty influencers in the space, enabling them to launch their own product lines and partner on countless brand collaborations.

The 21 Most Influential Beauty Vloggers Of 2016

When we first heard about beauty gurus filming YouTube tutorials, we never expected that people would actually sit and watch the sometimes 45-minute (and up!) videos, often produced by those without any sort of formal training. But the vloggers behind these tutorials have drawn a devoted fan base with their carefully honed contouring skills and unique personalities.

Why Your Moisturizer Isn't Actually Doing Its Job

No matter what the season, making sure our skin is on-point can be a struggle. Whether you're breaking out due to hormones or the sun is causing you to dry out, skin care is a round-the-clock job that can take up an entire shelf (if not more) of beauty products - no judgment here.

The Drugstore Beauty Product That Saved Viola Davis's Skin

While we already knew Viola Davis was many things - strong, a humanitarian, Emmy award-winning, trailblazing - we had no idea she was also a closeted beauty junkie. The 51-year-old actress recently returned to Central Falls, R.I., where she was raised, to host a community health fair with the Vaseline Healing Project.

9 Under-the-Radar Beauty Brands You Need to Know About

Look, there's nothing wrong with having used the same exact face wash for years. But every now and then, it's fun to be a little adventurous with your beauty routine and try something new. Call them indie, call them under-the-radar, simply call them new and different - these brands have been shaking up the beauty scene since they hit the market.

Are Dermatologist Apps Actually Harming Our Skin - And Our Health?

By now, most people are well aware of the damage they're potentially causing to their skin when they expose themselves to the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Many of us are even aware of the staggering statistics, like that one in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime.

This New Beauty Treatment Is Not For The Squeamish

When you think of a relaxing day at the spa, your mind generally conjures up images of someone massaging every last knot out of your shoulders or layering on a mud mask. What doesn't usually come to mind is having your blood drawn - a procedure typically reserved for the doctor's office.

How to Dye Your Hair At Home: A Complete Guide

I've been somewhat of a hair color chameleon for the past eight years of my life, going from a "naturally" sun-streaked blonde to platinum to every rainbow hue you could imagine. But, before I went bleached-blonde, I used to DIY my dye jobs - mainly to save money on account of my meager editorial assistant salary when I first landed in the city.

How Elle Macpherson's Body Reboot Made Me Rethink My Child-Like Diet

If you know me (or have come across any of my social media accounts) you know that I by no means lead a healthy lifestyle. I love chicken fingers, lying on my couch for a good Netflix session and finishing every single day with sugar, because life is about treating yourself.

What Is Our Selfie Obsession Actually Doing to Our Faces?

While we may roll our eyes every time we see someone stopping for a selfie against a wall mural or - ugh - daring to emulate Kim Kardashian's infamous duck face, we all have to own up to the fact that we've become selfie obsessed in one way or another.

How to Rehab Your Hair When You've Gone Too Far With a Bottle of Bleach

I've been dyeing my hair every color of the rainbow for over four years - and I have absolutely no regrets. I've been periwinkle blue, lavender, pastel pink and icy white, and I've loved every minute of it. At times, has my sister (and every other family member) nagged me about the fact that my hair looked more Gisele-like before?

Can You OD On Sheet Masks?

It's no secret that we are a generation that loves a good beauty product trend. We strive for the best, coolest, and sometimes weirdest products on the market, but at the end of the day, all that matters are the results. From brow gels to solid color correctors, if our YouTube gurus vlog about them, we try them.

6 Galentine's Day Nail and Cocktail Ideas That Aren't Cheesy (We Promise!)

No matter what your feelings are toward Valentine's Day, we're going to out on a limb and assume you love at least these three things (1) your friends (2) a good manicure, and (3) a stiff drink. So it only makes sense to pair all of those great things together, and go out to celebrate these real true loves in life, right?

The Coolest New Ways to Use These Classic Drugstore Products

We've all been using some of the same products from our local drugstore for years and years, but sometimes all it takes is seeing one person using it "differently" than you, and suddenly you see that old staple in an entirely new light.

12 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Healthier

In an interesting turn of events, instead of the typical "I woke up like this" style we've all been crazy for, the latest trend in hair is actually doing it. We're talking shiny, heathy, shampoo-commercial strands instead of the beachy, messy texture we spent so long perfecting. But all

17 New Products You Are Going to Be Obsessed With This Year

One of the best things about going backstage at New York Fashion Week season after season is watching which products the makeup artists and hairstylists use to create their masterpieces. Many times, they are lipsticks, shadows, and liners that haven't even hit the shelves yet - which piques our interest even more.

16 Brilliant Hair and Makeup Hacks You Haven't Heard of Before

As absolute lovers of all things beauty, we practically salivate when New York Fashion Week rolls around. Being beauty editors, the new season means that we have full access to the best hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists in the business (and we won't even talk about the gaggle of models that we get to steal on- - and off- - duty secrets from).

9 of the Smartest Nail Hacks You've Never Heard Before

For the nail art obsessed among us, Fashion Week is prime time to steal new inspiration from the runways. But, it's also a great time for learning new tips and tricks for achieving the DIY nail art of our dreams - from something as subtle as an

19 Beauty Buys That Will Make You Instantly Party-Ready

With holiday-party season in full swing, our calendars are suddenly packed with ugly-sweater parties, white elephant gift exchanges, work potlucks...the list never ends. Between that and a hectic work schedule, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Double-booked yourself and need a look

The Ultimate Winter 2015 Lipstick Guide

As winter continues to creep in, our daily outfits are slowly becoming a hodgepodge of everything we own. Layering for survival has become the top priority - often leaving very little peeking out from underneath our parkas and blanket scarves.

Easy Work-to-Party Beauty Upgrades

Running straight from your desk to a holiday party? We've got your go-to guide of beauty tweaks to make you look like you've spent hours in the makeup chair, when in reality you had all of five minutes, possibly in the car, to get yourself together.

A Runway Trend to Get Really Excited About: Individuality

Rachel Adler Watching fashion shows season after season, we've become numb to the fact that hair and makeup artists work with designers to create a severe sameness in order to ensure the clothes are the focal point of the show.

'I Used Over $4,000 Worth of Products to Get Rid of Wrinkles'

Rachel Adler Call me vain, but I'll try pretty much anything on this earth in order to keep my skin looking like it did when I was 10 years old-the age before any trace of tweenage acne reared its ugly head, the age when I still had all the time in the world to play outside and let nature magically impart a natural, healthy glow to my jump-roping face.

The 50 Best Beauty Blogs

Rachel Adler Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. Plus, once you get said products into your hands, you then have to figure out the most effective way to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc.

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Teaches Us the Trick to a Flawless Metallic Eye

Rachel Adler Metallic makeup has made a resounding return to the runway, and thus, the beauty aisles. Spotted at Fall 2015 shows like Carolina Herrera, Pamela Rolland, and Tadashi Shoji, we're now seeing a rise in shimmering pigments of all shades in some of our favorite brands' palettes.

Contour Overload: Why Are We Slimming Everywhere?

Rachel Adler For better or worse, we're a society obsessed with keeping up with the Kardashians-literally. We obsess over the family's photos on Instagram, we watch them on TV, and we shell out hard-earned cash to witness their antics on brand-new apps.

20 Genius Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Rachel Adler Silly but true: For some, figuring out what to be for Halloween can be more stressful than a first date or job interview. The pressure to impress is real -especially for those of us acutely aware that there's nothing more basic than taking the easy way out with an intentionally "slutty" getup.

The Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2015-Straight From Top Manicurists

Rachel Adler Scroll To See More Images We've all wasted too many precious minutes at the nail salon staring at rows of gorgeous lacquers, stumped on where to even begin. Luckily, we've enlisted some of the top pros in the business to guide us through the best nail polish colors of the moment-and help you deal with this ultimate #firstworldproblem.

9 Brilliant Backstage Beauty Tricks We Picked Up During NYFW

Rachel Adler Hanging out backstage during Fashion Week brings with it more than a few perks, but none quite as useful as the bits of beauty knowledge we're privy to. From tiny tricks like using hairspray to get your hair to stay tucked behind your ears, to the more chem-lab rule of mixing water and eye shadow for a soft blush, we're always learning cool new secrets.

The Horror of My First Wrinkles: A Sad Skin Care Story, Told in GIFs

Rachel Adler There are countless things I love about working in the beauty industry-always having the inside track on the hottest new products, the life-long friendships I've cultivated, an endless supply of lipsticks-and I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world.

8 Top Models Reveal the Beauty Products They Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Without

Rachel Adler If anyone searched your bag right now, we bet they'd be hit with a mountain of makeup. And while you might swear you need them them all for different reasons, let's be real: There's probably only one or two that can be considered your ride-or-die products, the ones you absolutely cannot leave home without.

Celebrity Hair Guru Riawna Capri Spills Her Platinum Secrets

Rachel Adler Celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri has one of the coolest looks in the business. Her chin-grazing chop is constantly being tossed from side to side (she prefers not to choose a part, ever), and the color is that elusive shade of platinum most of us wish we had.

How to Be Every Single Version of Kylie Jenner for Halloween

Rachel Adler Scroll To See More Images Kylie Jenner is our Halloween costume of choice this October, for obvious reasons. The 18-year-old (yes, still just 18) has been changing her hair on the daily, giving us a different version of herself every other day. And, those lips? That's another story entirely.

The 10 Most Wearable Beauty Trends From NYFW's Spring Shows

Rachel Adler Scroll To See More Images While, sure, the clothes are inspiring during Fashion Week, it's the beauty that's perhaps more fun, given the fact that the trends we spot are immediately wearable-and likely more economical. There's a lot to be excited about for Spring 2016-cool ponytails! graphic eye liner!

The Naked Story: Urban Decay's Wende Zomnir On the Naked Empire

Rachel Adler When Urban Decay launches a new product, it's cult fans listen up. But, if it's in their Naked line of products, pretty much the entire world waits with baited breath to figure out how to get their hands on the new release.

The Formula's Aimee Blaut On Stockholm's Booming Beauty Scene

Rachel Adler As a beauty blogger, traveling the world is a great way to discover new product finds, naturally. But, moving to a new place and immersing yourself in its culture forces you to discover an entirely new world of beauty-which is exactly what The Formula's Aimee Blaut came face to face with when she uprooted her life to make the move to Sweden.

25 New Models to Watch This Fashion Week

Rachel Adler It's no mystery that certain models are ruling the runways and our Instagram feeds right now-ahem, Kendall, Gigi, Joan, and Jourdan -so it's difficultto remember a time whenthese girls didn't have millions of followers and various beauty contracts to bankroll their fabulous lives.

Why Rising Teen Star Katherine McNamara Will be Your New Beauty Crush

Rachel Adler Around here, we're quick to warm up to anyone who can flawlessly pull off both bright-blonde hair and siren-red locks within just a few short months, but when Katherine McNamara (of ABC Family's upcoming "Shadowhunters" and the star of new sci-fi thrilled "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials") tells us she also does her own fight scenes and is obsessed with Sephora, it's love.

Exclusive: The Scoop on Joan Smalls' New Lipstick Line and Her Go-To Beauty Products

Rachel Adler Supermodel Joan Smalls isn'tshy about experimenting with makeup looks on the red carpet-we're still talking about that electric violet lipstick she wore at this year's Met Gala-so teaming up with Estée Lauder on a line of matte lip shades makes total sense (and keeps her Instagram fans happy-tagging Joan in their own purple lip photos has become a thing.)

Extreme Eyebrows: Pushing the Limits On the Bold Brow Trend

Rachel Adler Bold brows have been on everyone's minds for a few years now - the Brooke Shields brow is in, and we all want to achieve it. No longer are we over-tweezing or over-preening, instead we spend our days trying to figure out how to get more hair to grow above our lids.

7 Top Model's Life-Saving Summer Beauty Essentials

Rachel Adler Considering it's literally their full-time job to look gorgeous for a living, we always want to know what models are stocking in their beauty cabinet. The latest face wash that has kept them breakout-free? We need it. The hair mask they use after countless heat stylings on set?

Halloween Nail Art, Plus Kittens: Learn These Designs with a Dose of Cute

Rachel Adler Halloween gives any beauty junkie the perfect excuse to go crazy with their hair, makeup, and everything in between. When we're told that we have pretty much free reign to dress up as whoever we want, we tend to get a little bit excited about the possibilities - and then spend the entire month of October debating our costume choices.

Beauty Challenge: Lucy Hale Applies Lipstick With a Blindfold On

Rachel Adler In our latest video series, we've decided to put beauty skills to the test. You may very well be an avid lipstick wearer or think of yourself as a cat-eye pro, but could you really apply the perfect look without a mirror? Or - gasp - do both simultaneously?