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Quyen Tran


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I write to connect readers to local spaces, cultures and people. I sometimes write to agitate discussion on societal and personal matters that people should and could relate to.

In between covering stories and copywriting for various media entities, I also manage my own website, G'day Taiwan.

The Serenade Files
Review: Friendly Feminism For The Mild Mannered

If the topic of feminism puts you off in any way, then seeing Millicent Sarre's Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered will change that. It's exactly what it says it is - perfectly amiable, vitriol-free feminism, packaged up in a cabaret of catchy pop tunes and tasteful lyrics.

People, Society and Culture

The Serenade Files
Review: Boys Taste Better With Nutella

Messy, hilarious, endearing, and perfectly relatable. Boys Taste Better with Nutella is the story of two friends, each with their own version of unresolved trauma and self-loathing, reaching for the nearest jar of Nutella or pack of french fries. "If you don't love yourself, no one else will love you."

The Serenade Files
Review: Boss Squad

Boss Squad wastes no time in telling you that you're about to see five females destroy stereotypes inside and outside the circus tent. "I'm not strong for a girl. I'm just strong."- Boss Squad A collaboration between Adelaide's own Point & Flex Circus and Wildhouse Circus, the all-female circus troupe takes on high-level acrobatic finesse...

Louder Voices for Women

International Women's Day feature calling for support for all women, no matter their background.

Ketagalan Media
Lessons from the World to Democratic Taiwan - Ketagalan Media

While everywhere else looks to Taiwan as a shining beacon of a thriving democratic nation in Asia, Taiwan is having trouble keeping itself that way. Fears that toxic nationalism and anti-democratic forces under radical right-wing movements are gaining traction in democracies throughout the globe, following conservative notions observed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and now possibly Taiwan.

Ketagalan Media
The Most Advanced Police State in Xinjiang: Interview with Megha Rajagopalan - Ketagalan Media

Megha Rajagopalan stood on the podium at last week's Oslo Freedom Forum and asked the audience a simple question, "Does the rest of the world care enough to act on this?" She was referring to the crackdown on millions of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities by Chinese authorities in Xinjiang, the area in Central Asia currently controlled by China as a frontier "autonomous region."

Ketagalan Media
Human Rights and Technology: Oslo Freedom Forum in Taiwan - Ketagalan Media

Looking fresh and at ease despite the long journey from San Francisco into Taipei, Alex Gladstein is in town to champion for the Oslo Freedom Forum, an international conference series focused on promoting and protecting human rights around the world. Established by the nonpartisan not-for-profit the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2009, the flagship event is held annually in Oslo.

100 Anecdotes
Corn on the Corner

100 Anecdotes - Taiwan's real stories of real people in 100 words or less.

Travel, Food and Lifestyle

Insider Guides | Study in Australia
Melbourne's Best Outdoor Adventure Spots | Insider Guides

Melbourne isn't just about urban culture and a great food scene; the city also boasts an array of places offering thrill and excitement. From abseiling to ziplining, here's our guide to the best outdoor adventure spots in and around Melbourne.

Ketagalan Media
Legitimate Pasta, Middle of Nowhere, Taiwan - Ketagalan Media

Giovanni and Coco Filippini greeted me with an ice-cold bottle of San Pellegrino bubbly water as I sat in their kitchen. Still dripping with hot sweat, I could already tell it was worthwhile taking a trip in the unforgiving heat for another visit to the island's most underrated Italian restaurant.

Travel in Taiwan (No.79 2017 01/02 )
Soaring Above the Big Blue Sea

What's it like to parasail in Taiwan's northern coast? Adventure writer, Quyen, takes on to the skies for this exciting article.

Travel in Taiwan (No.78 2016 11/12 )
New Trends for an Old Staple

A young restaurant in Taipei is on a mission to revive Taiwan's rice culture...

G'day Taiwan
Taiwan's Abandoned: The Thirteen Levels

This abandoned copper smelter looks like an archaic fortress, derelict to collapse atop its own hill. Exploring the Remains of the Thirteen Levels is exhilarating, but dangerous.

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