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Award winning multimedia platform professional with a background in field reporting, anchoring and directing. Expert in Adobe Premiere through single and multi-camera storytelling both in studio and in the field. Motivated to further advance my expertise and learn in the ever changing Multiplatform landscape including digital, streaming, and broadcast platforms in multiple formats.



Valley View News
Disaster Preparedness Training

The LAPD came out to the city of Compton to assist the Fire Department in a disaster drill. Valley View News's Quinn Alexander went down in the trenches to see firsthand how the local authorities prepare for a disaster.

Valley View News
Lunar New Year

There's no scam about this new story, it's Lunar New Year! CSUN students shared with me how they're observing the holiday celebrated across several cultures.

Daily Sundial
CFA Strike @ CSUN

The California Faculty Association began the Spring 2024 semester striking for a new contract on Monday, January 22nd. Professors, librarians, counselors, coaches and students supporting in solidarity, stood in the rain protesting what they are calling unfair labor practices by the CSU system. Coverage on the 5 day CFA Strike will continue tomorrow, stay tuned!

Daily Sundial
CSU Trade Workers On Strike

Organized by the Teamsters Union, over a thousand workers across the 23 CSU campuses held a one day strike in the hopes of obtaining a new contract on November 16. The Daily Sundial's Multimedia and Video Editor Quinn Alexander spoke to the Teamsters about what they were picketing for.

Daily Sundial
CSUN Boxing Club Try Outs

Try outs for the CSUN boxing club had trainees on the ropes with vigorous exercises on Tuesday night. With around twenty spots available for almost one hundred applicants, club staff made decisions based on character as well as physique. Head boxing coach Matthew Jaime goes blow by blow for the participants, pushing them to their limits and seeing if anyone would throw in the towel. Reporter: Quinn Alexander

Daily Sundial
Low and Slow

For some people, lowrider cars may seem like flashy, colorful vehicles, decked out with hydraulics and intricate designs. But for hundreds of Mexican Americans, the lowrider symbolizes more than just a nice car — it represents the community that Chicanas/Chicanos have built around trying to tell their stories and navigate their identities. Filmed by: Quinn Alexander and Giselle Lomeli Edited by: Quinn Alexander

Daily Sundial
Women's March For Reproductive Rights

The Women's March Foundation organized a protest from Pershing Square to LA City Hall to march for reproductive rights. The crowd had over two hundred people marching for what they believe in. Ending on the steps of City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, the protesters were met by many political figures including Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. Reported by Quinn Alexander

Daily Sundial
US Vice President Kamala Harris advocates for human rights during LA Women's March

The Women’s March Foundation took to the streets of Los Angeles in response to Federal Judge in Texas Matthew Kacsmaryk who attempt to override the FDA’s approved Mifepriston. On the steps of LA City Hall, surprise guest speaker and Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, spoke about the impact human rights has on the Nation. "When you attack the rights of women in America, you are attacking America," says Harris. Video Credits: Quinn Alexander

Jour 325
Orange Grove

Cal State Northridge opens their on campus orange grove after being closed to students for over two years. Sebastian Gontes from Jour 325 interveiw's CSUN sophomore Quinn Alexander about the convenient source of the zesty fruit. Produced by Sebastian Gontes and Quinn Alexander

Daily Sundial
Spring Fashion Show Model Call

In preparation for their upcoming 44th Annual Fashion Show, CSUN Trends hosted two model calls. The call was open to all students of any major and gave them to gain real world experience on how to walk the carpet. The Sundial's Allysha Duncan and Quinn Alexander talk to the students working hard to create pieces for the shows theme, Fashion Innovation: Creativity Without Limits.

Daily Sundial
Lal Salam

The Asian American Studies Pathways Project hosted a movie screening of "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" in a new series aimed towards political education of South Asia. The Pathways Project, is a student resource initiative for Asian and Pacific Islanders and provides resources to promote student success. Reported by: Quinn Alexander & Melissa Azevedo

Daily Sundial
CSUN Powwow

Head Boy Jason Vila and Head Girl Aurelia Hale celebrated their Native American culture in front of the Oviatt Library at the 37th Annual CSUN Powwow on Nov. 26. They two highlighted the struggles of balancing culture and academics.

Daily Sundial
Black Scholars Matter Tour

The Black Scholars Matter Program at CSUN showed seniors from Taft Charter and Alexander Hamilton High school around the campus on Nov. 9. Led by current BSM CSUN students, they highlighted clubs, organizations, and Greek life aimed towards achieving Black Excellence.

Apache News
Monarch Donuts

Wether it be a special occasion or just a regular morning, donuts are always great way to brighten up your day. No one knows that better than a local business owner who greets each costumer with a smile and a heartwarming story.

Apache News
Local Heroes

Amid rising COVID-19 numbers, members of the Arcadia community are stepping up to provide masks to essential workers and anyone who need them completely from their own pockets.


KCSN 88.5
Wizard of Oz Slippers Thief Plead Guilty

We're off to see the juror, for a man whos indicted on theft. Terry Jon Martin plead guilty on Friday on one count of theft of a major artwork. The art in question -- a pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. Martin did what the wicked witch of the west was unable to do, he took the slippers from the Judy Garland Museum in 2005. Unlike the scarecrow, however, he had a brain since he eluded FBI for eighteen years, but authorities finally reached the end of the yellow...

KCSN 88.5
Taylor Swift Movie Reactions

With the actual premiere happening today, local Swifties are excited to experience the Eras Tour. Photo Credit: People

KCSN 88.5
Drake Announces a Hiatus As His Newest Album Drops

Contrary to the song -- Drake is planning to stop. ---- Whether it is because of his Fear of Heights -- not being able to see the Daylight on Virginia Beach, or that he's tired of All the Parties and yet Another Late Night Away From Home-- the Canadian rapper announced on a podcast that he is stepping away from the booth to focus on his health. He Gently mentioned that his issues were related to his stomach -- and that he doesn't know how long his hiatus will last. He released a new album For...

KCSN 88.5
A Dog Walker in Orange County Now Carries a Firearm

As cases of dog-napping continue to rise -- former Orange County police sergeant Carol Salvatierra launched Leash and Shield with the motto to protect and walk. Armed with a pooper scooper and a loaded firearm Salvatierra says she was in shock to hear that around two million dogs are stolen every year and only ten percent of them are ever seen again. Prices for Salvatierra's services start at sixty dollars an hour and she offers dog walking -- pet sitting -- and home protection. Photo...

Child Attacked at LA McDonalds

A woman who was recorded violently beating a teenager in a McDonalds in Harbor City has been arrested on Thursday. On September sixth -- Thirteen year old Kassidy Jones and her friends stopped at the fast food chain on their way home from school when customer Ariana Lauifi attacked her unprovoked. The video show shows customers and employees watching Lauifi punch, kick and drag Jones to the floor without intervening. LAPD has taken the woman into custody and she faces charges of felony...

KCSN 88.5
Girl Scouts Cookie Prices Inflate

Girl Scouts can add the inflation badge to their sashes because cookie prices have risen once again. Reports say the much loved thin mints, samoas, and others will now be six dollars per box for the upcoming cookie season. Boxes that were already six dollars last year, such as toffee-tastic and s-mores, will stay the same price. Its just the classics that are being affected. The C-E-O of a troop in New York State says the price increase is to combat rising production and material cost. Cookie...

KCSN 88.5
BioParque Zoo Has Popsicles Made for Monkeys

All the birds of the feather can do what they love most of all because the spider monkeys are eating popsicles. The Rio de Janeiro' BioParque Zoo is handing out fruit flavored iced treats to their monkeys -- and blood and minced meat flavored ice pops to their lions. . Zookeepers are saying the monkeys have shed their winter fur and that the popsicles are part of the zoo's well-being program. Despite it being winter in Brazil -- the country is in a heat wave seing tempatures in the mid to...

KCSN 88.5
NSYNC is Back and Will Contribute for the New Trolls Movie Soundtrack

This I promise you, NSYNC is together again, no strings attached. Fans can kiss the band's 23 year long hiatus "Bye Bye Bye" because they boy's will be "bringin' da noise" for the newest "Trolls" movie. A trailer for the third installment of the musical franchise "Trolls Band Together" teased that the film will feature new music from the group. NSYNC's new single "Better Place" will accompany the movie and will be available on September 29th. The film will hit theaters on...

KCSN 88.5
WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikers Are Getting Creative On What to Offer in Auctions

If you wanted life advice from Jess, Nick and the cast of New Girl, now is your chance. The Union Solidarity Coalition is partnering with eBay to raise money for those who lost their health insurance due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. For a short time and a lot of money, the highest bidder can take a pottery class with Busy Phillips, have a song written for them by the cast of Bob's Burgers, or have Lena Dunham paint a mural in your home. Also up for auction are an assortment of...


Daily Sundial
Bajito y Suavecito, CSUN holds first annual lowrider show

For some people, lowrider cars may seem like flashy, colorful vehicles, decked out with hydraulics and intricate designs. But for hundreds of Mexican Americans, the lowrider symbolizes more than just a nice car - it represents the community that Chicanos have built around trying to tell their stories and navigate their identities.

Daily Sundial
VP Harris advocates for abortion rights at LA protest

With only a two days' notice, over two hundred women, men and children joined the Women's March Foundation to protest an attempted override of the FDA's approval of the abortion drug Mifepristone. The protesters started at Pershing Square before marching through the streets of downtown Los Angeles towards City Hall.

Daily Sundial
Native American culture celebrated at ’37th Annual CSUN Powwow’

The powerful songs from the northern and southern drums guided the head dancers under a brilliant blue sky as they celebrated their Native American culture at the “37th Annual CSUN Powwow.” Put on with the help of CSUN’s American Indian Student Association, tribes from across the country gathered around a large dance circle on the grass of the Sierra Quad on Nov. 26 to share songs, dances, art and gifts.

Daily Sundial
AISA celebrates Native American Heritage Month with open house

The smell of burning sage wafted from the Central American Studies and American Indian Studies Cultural Center as the American Indian Student Association held an open house on Nov. 1 to showcase their club and celebrate the start of National Native American Heritage Month. Mark Villasenor, vice president of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission...

Daily Sundial
Jishin Taiko sounds the drums at CSUN

This story is a multimedia piece that incorporates audio and text. To experience the full story, click the play button on the audio players underneath each section. What started as sporadic and random noise coming from room 106 in Nordhoff Hall at CSUN's campus on Sept. 26 slowly transformed into concise rhythmic drum beats....

Waves: A Collection of Student Essays
The New Age of the Fourth Estate

Now that everyone has a piece of technology in their pockets, this allows the masses to spread fake news to thousands of listeners in a matter of time it takes to send a tweet. As a result of this, true journalists must step up and become reliable sources of information, because without credibility in news, the fourth estate will crumble, which in toe, will bring along Democracy with it.

Daily Sundial
Vietnamese Student Association kicks off ACE program

Identifying as or being born in Vietnam is not a requirement to join the CSUN Vietnamese Student Association, which is a nonprofit student organization aimed at making lasting friendships and educating its members about the history and culture of the Southeast Asian country. With over 80 new members estimated to join the organization this year,...

Daily Sundial
Women's soccer game canceled due to online threat

Players and spectators at CSUN's Performance Soccer Field were forced to evacuate mid-warmup, moments before a women's soccer match against UC Irvine, due to a campus-wide threat of violence on Sunday. The threat was made on a private social media account operated by an individual who is not a CSUN student, and who was previously...