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Quindara Lazenbury is a professor of communications and writer who currently resides on the Northwest coast of Florida. Quindara earned a M.A. in Strategic Communication from American University and holds a dual degree in Psychology and Spanish. She is an analytical, yet, exclusively indulgent writer who loves all things #blackgirlmagic and body positive. Her work has been featured on Black Girl In Om, Blk+ Grn and Madame Noire.

From 0% To 100% Real Quick: How to Recharge

by Quindara Lazenbury The words self-care and self-love are popping up constantly on social media feeds and it may seem like a bit of a marketing ploy for wellness brands and companies. Although, this may be true for some, self-care and self-love are age-old testaments that have been pro

Black Girl In Om
Get Back Up Again: Finding Joy in Both the Valleys & the Mountain Highs

When I hear the word "celebrate" there's a few things that come to mind; my mother making pancakes before work when I was a child because I did well on an exam, my father secretly telling my aunts about a small accomplishment (at least small to me) because he's proud, or my best friend sharing a pos

Stop Giving Right-Wingers The Time Of Day *Cough* Tomi Lahren

If you haven't heard, yesterday the internet was buzzing after right-wing commentator, Tomi Lahren, was schooled by The Daily Show's, Trevor Noah. In the interview, Tomi aka the "White Power Barbie" threw out many controversial statements such as " I don't see color," and compared the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to the Ku Klux Klan.

McDonald's Launching New Restaurants To Improve Customer Experience

It's no secret that fast food restaurant chains are taking a hit as many Americans are choosing healthier dining options. However, McDonald's is hoping to push past this trend with the launch of new and improved U.S. restaurants. The company plans to bring you more locations that are geared toward improving customer experience and satisfaction.

How An Electric Diet Can Reduce Fibroid Risk And Save Your Life

Many of you have likely heard plenty about the vegan lifestyle and how great your body will feel after the transition. But have you considered an electric diet? Yes-eating foods that are electric. What exactly does this mean? According to natural food chef and professional blogger Chef Ahki, these are " non-hybrid, natural, indigenous foods.

The Birth Of A Nation Review: Did Nate Parker Use Nat Turner?

There was no standing ovation. No round of applause. No grateful cheering. There was just silence. Silence as each audience member watched credits roll across a black screen filled with accolades, initially crediting one person: Director, screenplay writer, producer Nate Parker. The name flashed over and over again.

Dascha Polanco's NYFW Statement Is The Eff-U I Needed

The presence of "larger" women as a conveyor of beauty is evolving and dramatically rising. As a debatable BBW myself, it is always inspiring to see other women wear confidence in unconventional and unique ways. Let's take Amber Riley who earlier this year called out a fat-shamers insulting her size on social media.

#SheTriedIt The Mane Choice Hair Growth Oil

As a natural hair product junkie it is always a treat to try a new product for my kinky coils. This week's #SheTriedIt features The Mane Choice's Hair Growth Oil.

5 Times Michelle Obama Slayed Our Hearts At The DNC

Last night's Democratic National Convention speeches were inspiring and nonetheless impeccable. Senator Cory Booker fired through a mantra of "rising up" and standing up for justice, while the audience waited in anticipation for arguably the most important voice of the night, Michelle Obama.