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I am a content writer and human resource professional. I create content that converts and I bring to my work years of Consulting experience and excellent research skills.

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How to Navigate Transport in Lagos

Lagos has several transportation network companies such as Uber, and Taxify, as well as new local companies such as Jekalo, Oga taxi, Afro and Smart Cab. These taxi services use mobile platforms on which users can order a taxi from any location in Lagos and cabs within the vicinity will respond.
7 Leadership Skills You Need in the Future of Work -

The Future of Work is already here. In the last few years, experts and thought leaders have weighed in on what the future of work will look like, especially with more widespread adoption of trends such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

Six Things to Do Before Starting Your Career - Adejoke Oguntade-Adeboyejo - Medium

Many College Graduates are usually excited to enter the World of Work, which offers a lot of opportunities. This is usually a time of transition from being a dependant to earning your own money. While there are many opportunities out there, it is important that you understand the world of work, so that you can navigate successfully.