Lindsey Prowse

Executive Speechwriter, Editor, Content Producer

Location icon United States of America

Three years of experience as an Executive Speechwriter, News Writer and Communications Strategist.
Committed to creating dynamic stories for multi-media platforms and discovering unique angles to contribute to global conversations.

Driven to pioneer innovative digital-first communications strategies and growing personal and professional brands for executives and world-renowned media institutions in the US, UK and France,
including Southwest Airlines, L'Oreal and the U.S. Department of State.

Written or produced, you can find examples of my work in POLITICO, NPR, Forbes, The Guardian, Le Monde, CBS Radio, ABC, Good Morning America and CNN.

When I'm not writing, curiosity commits me to investigating what it means to be human today.
As a former opera student at Oklahoma City University and singer in New York City, I'm passionate about exploring how the internet has become a stage and an incubator for some of the most engaging music, art and writing of our time. A huge proponent of pursuing well-being, I enjoy discovering ways to thrive among digital pressures and distraction. Engaged in the debate on the intersection of policy, identity and inclusion, I have led discussions and written about the global market for citizenship, artificial intelligence, and well being.

A native to Washington D.C., my childhood years were spent between Switzerland and Dallas, Texas.
Fluent in French and English.
I have studied at Oxford University and Reid Hall, Columbia University in Paris.
I hold a BA in International Affairs from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and an MA in Communications from Sciences Po in Paris, France.

London Officials Say Uber Is Unfit To Operate In City

The transport authority said Uber's approach and conduct "demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues that have public safety and security implications." AILSA CHANG, HOST: Uber may not be able to operate in London for much longer. The top transportation authority there says it will not renew Uber's license.

The New Space Age: A Conversation with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

Join POLITICO for a keynote interview with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. Sworn in as the 13th NASA Administrator on April 23, Bridenstine is leading efforts to reignite the space program and ensure American leadership in space. The conversation will explore NASA's priorities for human spaceflight, the role of an accelerating private space economy, and the U.S.

Southwest: The Magazine

There's a very special place in our hearts for products of American hands. From Zippo lighters and KitchenAid mixers to Steinway pianos and Tabasco sauce, these iconic goods and their backstories remind us of the ingenuity that makes this nation great.

Thrive Global
Feb 13, 2017
Planting Seeds of Happiness the Danish Way

For some people, paradise is a place which is cold about 9 months a year, gets dark by 3pm, where citizens happily pay 60% taxes on their income, and — to top it all off — has more pigs than people living there. Sound more like a nightmare to you? This place is Denmark. And despite the weather, high taxes, and the pigs- it has been ranked as one of the happiest places on earth for more than 40 years. Denmark even placed number one on the famous United Nations “world happiness report”...

Sciences-po Emile Alumni Magazine
Interview with Marie-Christine Saragosse, Chief Executive of France Media Monde (FMM)

The sixth issue of Emile is resolutely geared towards the international market, as is Sciences Po today. Throughout the pages, English and French alternate to showcase influential Alumni in the four corners of the world (South Africa, Togo, Austria, Brazil ...), as a team of six female editors take an interest in the destiny of Europe and growing global influence of Sciences Po. Discover a special feature with Claude du Granrut, Jackie Kennedy's good friend while studying in Paris at Sciences...