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TallyHo Farm Analysis

This was social media analysis of one business, TallyHo Farm, and their general health

FUN HOME: 10 Years on Paper, 2 Years in Song

Fun Home is one of the most remarkable comic memoirs that a person can read. A tragicomedy that dives into literary analysis and sexual identity, it recounts how cartoonist Alison Bechdel came out to her parents as lesbian, only to find out her father was also gay, hitting mainly on underage partners, and breaking her mother's heart for about twenty years.

Analysis of Lord Dominator

This was a character analysis of Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder, a DisneyXD show.

Cartoon Cuts Competitor Analysis

Social media analysis done on rival salons in Maryland and Virginia. Helped refine our strategies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Faceless Author

Hi all! Wow, it's been quite a summer with school starting this week, getting doctor's checkups, and awaiting a potential tropical storm that hit the Caribbean this morning. So, a bit of big news: the anthology She Walks in Shadows is coming out in October, but pre-sales have hit the 200 mark for orders and has received positive press.

Indian SF
Lion In The Wave by Priya Sridhar

4500 Words The waves had declared war on Cyrille's father. Cyrille was a little girl when she heard them roar at night. Father's arms were strong like iron bars and his hands were always stained with paint. He hugged Cyrille often. Each of her dresses had large, coloured handprints from his paints.

A Faceless Author

Blog about the Museum of Science closing in Vizcaya, and what it was like growing up at the museum. I also took some of the pictures in the blog, of the turtles and the three-dimensional printer.