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Guess what? Princess Leia Lucas® was actually my name BEFORE Star Wars movies, I'm older! That is, I'm a Jewish American Princess, Hebrew name, Leia, with royal family who escaped from other countries. Everyone called me, Princess Leia, and I was adopted by my Uncle, Richard M. Lucas, (known at Stanford University for Imaging, MRI, cancer treatment technologies), to get me away from abusers in my family. I also grew up and worked with some great relatives / friends in the FBI, Dept. of Defense and more. But, it all left me with some amnesia. Then, I was finally fully healed, including with Brain Transmission Technologies® as harnessed by Richard and I, combined with LOTS of caring support from people, like you. THANK YOU.
**** As of now, my partners and I have created the many (Princess Leia) PL Lucas® Foundations & Trust.-to support trauma / abuse healing for the 1 in 4 people known to be survivors. Actual numbers may be much higher. 1 in 3 adults will be arrested in California, and are often thrown in jail based on stories alone. Yet, statistics demonstrate that ***80% of people are known to fully heal if they have the correct support. You can see our many websites, audiences, and how much publishing I've done if you do a browser (Google) search on my name, P. Leia Lucas.
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Unfortunately, societal systems have traditionally limited our ability to learn by asking and testing for only "one right answer" to questions and problems. Even then, we are not compelled to ask, "What made it "right", is it always "right", does this affect anything else, and is it still true?"