Priscilla Sanders


Location icon United States of America

Accomplished professional with background in arts and education specializing in editing and proofreading, writing successful grant applications, interviews, and research projects. Gained extensive experience developing and delivering presentations, training staff, designing curricula, and writing web content for non-profits and small businesses.

Excellent communicator with reputation for details, effectively managing staff and successfully collaborating with multiple stakeholders to achieve and exceed organizational objectives. Independently driven team player seeking editing/proofreading position.



The Mauimama
Making Learning Fun through the Arts - The Mauimama

The arts make learning fun! They also enhance learning by stimulating the brain. In the article, "Lighting up the Mind: Why the Arts are Important to Learning," (Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, Spring 2008), MRI brain scan images show that both sides of the brain lit up with hot spots when people answered questions that required them to use insight and deductive reasoning.

Vanderbilt University graduate school paper
Attribution Retraining in the Classroom

Instructional techniques used to allow students with learning disabilities to experience achievement and get excited about learning

Curriculum Writing and Editing

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