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Porscha Simmons

Freelance News and Essay Writer

Location icon United States

"You have nothing if you don't have your health" - Steven Adler

After years in journalism and writing about every topic from politics, entertainment, arts, and outdoors, I started to see the thread to held the majority of my writing together and that thread was health and wellness. I turned my focus there, to tell the stories.



We Need to Talk About Mental Health Services for Minorities

Former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams recently took to Instagram to disclose that she was seeking inpatient help for depression and suicidal thoughts. On social media, women of color both praised her bravery and wished her well in her continued mental health journey while wondering what the world would be like if everyone who wanted or needed mental health services could get them.

Navigating mental health diagnosis and treatment as a young, unemployed black woman

Porscha Coleman is a Washington, DC area based writer who spends a great deal of time writing about intersections surrounding womanhood and being femme including but not limited to race, class, identity, health and culture. When she is n... The first therapist's office was situated in an affluent part of Washington, D.C., overlooking the Potomac River.


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