Pia Thrasher

Writer / Multimedia Artist

United States

Bio coming soon. I'm still setting this thing up here ;)

In the meantime - feel free to check out the info that I DID put together for ya so far!

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Upcoming Book - Work in Progress
Diary of an Indoor Cat

Click here to read an excerpt! Adventures of a rescue kitty sharing a household with humans and fellow cats.


Finished Script

Read my award winning horror screenplay ready for film production!

Produced Screenplay
"The Test"

Read the screenplay of this thrill ride first and then watch the result ->

The Finished Short Film
"The Test"

Here you can watch the end result - a 4 minute thriller short film, written and directed by me. I'm also acting in it, alongside my co-star Deepti Kingra Mickelsen.


Buzz about my Work

TG Geeks - The Two Gay Geeks
Ben's Breakdown | "The Test" Is So Good, It Kills! | TG Geeks

The Two Gay Geeks have the good fortune of being friends with so many wonderful filmmakers who share their work with us. One of those is the talented Pia Thrasher, who we have interviewed a couple of times and seen virtually everything she has made.

KPBS Public Media
San Diego Filmmaker Gets World Premiere At Screamfest LA

Screamfest LA kicks off a season of horror-themed film festivals tomorrow night. San Diego Filmmaker Pia Thrasher will see her short vampire comedy " Things We Dig" have its world premiere on Oct. 13 at the festival's COVID-safe drive-in venue.