Pia Thrasher

Writer / Multimedia Artist

United States

Bio coming soon. I'm still setting this thing up here ;)

In the meantime - feel free to check out this small summary of various writings while I'm still learning how to properly use this website.

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Upcoming Book - Work in Progress
Diary of an Indoor Cat

Click here to read an excerpt! Adventures of a rescue kitty sharing a household with humans and fellow cats.


Finished Script

Read my award winning horror screenplay ready for film production!

Produced Screenplay
"The Test"

Read the screenplay of this thrill ride first and then watch the result! (Scroll down to bottom)


What to expect when chasing Zombies

… in an action flick, that is! It’s been a week since the shoot for ‘City 7‘ already and the bruises on my legs have turned from a deep purple to a lovely color palette of blue and green.


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