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It’s a rare day when I’m not perusing a thesaurus and searching, for example, for another way to say peruse. I like stories. I love to listen to people and write about what motivates them, how they live, or what they are doing to help their customers.

I help people find solutions to their communication needs, create web copy to make it as user friendly as possible, and de-clutter and synthesize complicated information. And in stories containing a dog, I never omit the name.

Resort Lifestyle Communities
Resort Lifestyle Communities

Resort Lifestyle Communities specializes in providing all-inclusive, resort-style independent living retirement communities that make life for residents luxurious, comfortable, secure, enjoyable, and fun.


Delivering movies and advertising to over 40,000 TV stations, cinemas, and publishing houses around the world, moving big files was Adstream’s business. But when fierce competition emerged in cloud-based services, Adstream decided to expand their offering to content management and storage systems.
Jeppe Foldager Takes Silver at the Bocuse d’Or

Jeppe Foldager from northern Jylland is currently enjoying a wave of culinary attention as the winner of the silver Bocuse medal earlier this year. The 27-year-old proudly represented Denmark in the biennial Bocuse d'Or world chef competition, nicknamed the "Olympics of cooking."
Early Nature Lessons in Denmark's Forest Preschools

They come in pink dresses but a month later, they have worms in their pockets. Maud Hyde, pedagogue at Stockholmsgave Centrum, is describing what happens when three-year olds begin forest preschool.
Capturing the Words of a Dying Language

Linguist Una Canger has spent a lifetime grappling with a paradox: how to transcribe Nahuatl, a language existing almost entirely in the spoken realm.

Lincoln Journal Star
Guest View: Bikes a reason Danes are happy

This summer I visited Lincoln, my childhood city, from Copenhagen, Denmark, my current home. At 18, I left Lincoln to go away to college. I would have mourned it the minute my mother's old Mazda turned east on I-80 had I known I wasn't coming back.

The Altamont Enterprise
Regional Archives, June 25, 2009

Regional Archives Unshackled innocents seek reform State lawmakers and courts poised to make changes to prevent wrongful convictions By Philippa Stasiuk -The Altamont Enterprise, June 25, 2009 As Steven Barnes returned to Marcy, N.Y. after being exonerated for a rape and murder he didn't commit, he kept thinking about the trees.

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