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Pádraig Fortune

Content Marketer

Location icon Germany

I'm a creative marketer with a background in branding, communications, marketing & event management. I've held
traditional & digital marketing roles, both client & agency side.

Ich bin ein Marketingexperte mit den Schwerpunkten Branding, Kommunikation und Eventmanagement. Ich habe sowohl im traditionellen als auch im digitalen Marketing Erfahrung und dabei die Kunden – und die Agenturseite kennengelernt.

Continuous Learning in the Digital Age - Prosperous

The Prosperous Management team have long been advocates of Continuous Learning - both for ourselves & our clients. In addition to keeping abreast of industry changes & up-skilling, we highlight the importance of this mindset to those with whom we consult. We pride ourselves on having created & maintaining a culture of continuous learning.

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How To Make SEO Appealing To SMBs | Matrix Internet

Convincing SMBs - especially those who are not necessarily digital natives - of the benefits of SEO work, can be challenging to say the least. There is an onus on agencies, like Matrix, acting in a consultative capacity with (often local) SMBs to clearly illustrate the benefits of SEO work to potential clients.

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Improve Your Facebook Marketing With Audience Overlap

Facebook's Audience Overlap allows you to learn more about the people who make up your custom audiences on the platform. This tool can be used to compare custom audiences against one another, thereby revealing information which can help you to make better, more informed decisions on where to focus ad targeting and conversion efforts.

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Top 5 Patrick's Day Social Media Campaigns | Matrix Internet

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day (and with many celebrations already well underway), people - including Matrix staff - are getting into the Festive Spirit. Although longer holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter tend to steal focus (and marketing budget!), smaller public holidays like St.

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Tips For Hosting Instagram Contests | Matrix Internet

Marketing on the photo-sharing website - whose users now number more than 300 million - requires a certain style which stays true to the platform's noncommercial roots. This can intimidate some businesses and make them hesitant with regard to content creation, especially the launching of Instagram contests.

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Algorithm Is A Dancer | Matrix Internet

Do you want to bust the right moves when optimising content for Google's Hummingbird algorithm? We've collated the most reputable best practice guidelines to help you cut a rug online and improve your site's ranking. On September 26th 2013 Google announced its biggest update since 2001.

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My First Month With Matrix | Digital Marketing

The team welcomed me into fold right away & the open plan office allowed me to get to know everyone quickly and become acquainted with the company culture. The firm boasts an extensive client roster, spanning several industries with which I became rapidly familiar by working on various accounts from the outset.

The 'Gig Economy' - A Tough Gig or an Easy Ride?

The explosion in recent years of Deliveroo couriers, Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts & TaskRabbit handymen will not have escaped those readers who live in larger urban areas, but what links these & similar professions? They are all part of the 'Gig Economy'.

Triage - From French Battlefields To The World Of Digital Marketing - Prosperous

What connects Prosperous Marketing to Napoleon's army? This may seem like an unusual question to pose at the beginning of this article. Admittedly, at first glance, parallels between Napoleon's army and Prosperous Marketing aren't self evident (excluding quips about Napoleon complexes). However, upon closer inspection the two are in fact linked.

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