Peyton Witzke

Oncology Nurse, Make-A-Wish reporter

United States of America

Peyton Witzke, a Senior Nursing major and Journalism minor, seeks a future job in an oncology unit while telling the personal stories of Make-A-Wish patients, with dreams of living to see the day that cancer is obliterated. Witzke lives for the view at the top of The Black Hills after a long windy hike, avoiding Mt. Dew like the plague as a promise to her father and bubble gum chunks in her pink ice-cream while running from Wilbur, the long lost Gigglebees mascot.

Love Series: Missing tomato soup in God's Pantry

How an 80-something Grandma lived her life by laughing with the Lord. By Peyton Witzke Grandma Connie Weko shoves a pile of grimy laundry into the machine that lives in the musty basement, though it doesn't pay rent. As she peers into the dark core of the appliance that is now vibrant with cotton saturated...

Not so fragile anymore - ROYAL REPORT

Snagged by a myriad of hardships, Maura Silverberg conquers adversity and creates positive opportunities out of misfortune. Maura Silverberg tugs on the elastic waist of a size 00 pair of Levi long slim-fit jeans. The stiff denim slides over her protruding hip bones. As they scrunch up around her waist, she latches both buttons.

Outdoor bits: Our favorite places Camp Judson in Keystone, South Dakota A short nine hour and forty-five minute drive (okay, more like 10.5 hours with bathroom breaks at Flying J and stops for a roast beef classic with curly fries and horsey sauce at Arby's) is all it takes to transport me to paradise.

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THE BIG STORY: Levi's light

Pulling apart a tube connected to the cannula, the nurse quickly shakes out the excess liquid and does her best to clean and dry the inside. When the nurse twists the tube back into place, Levi Bauer is able to continue explaining his daily routine softly once again.

Two Wings to Fly
For Sale in Samana, Born to Fight

(Graphic Designer for For Sale in Samana pages 64-74, Editor for Born to Fight 24-32) The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications sends student photojournalists to cover international poverty twice a year. For three weeks in winter 2013-14, 13 of them worked stories in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In fall 2014, Bethel University students in St.

A Scalpel, A Pigskin and some Benjamins - ROYAL REPORT

My dad went to school for 28 years. Four years of college at UMN. Medical school at Mayo - the second year it was ever open. David Witzke was hand-picked out of thousands to be one of 40 medical students. Five years of general surgery residency at Mayo.

Royal Report
The Neuroscience of Chasing Life

Professor Adam Johnson explains his theory on the human imagination to the nearest crowd of 50 people in Washington, D.C. His audience asks so many questions, all requiring lengthy answers. Fifteen minutes pass. More people crowd around his poster, listening before providing feedback and insight to his current schemas.

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#TFTB: Ring by spring

Have you ever heard of the term "Ring by spring?" Do you hate it? Do you believe in true love between college students? Watch our video in 720 HD to hear some creative opinions from fellow Bethel students.

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My favorite place: Camp Judson, S.D.

My favorite place: By Peyton Witzke | Royal Report The cold boulder sat beneath me as the gold-rimmed pages of my Bible ran through the wind and my pretzel-folded hands came undone. It'll be 366 days until I can return to this exact spot again.

Make-A-Wish director tells of hope strength and joy

DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS SHARES INSIDE LOOK AT THE MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION. By PEYTON WITZKE | Assistant Web Editor Previously a head honcho for national media at the National Marrow Donor Program and longtime volunteer for nonprofits, Helen Ng is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Minnesota Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Royal Review: Wilde Roast Cafe

Address: 65 Southeast Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55414 Phone: (612) 331-4544 Price: $$ If you are looking for a tasteful cafe with a Victorian feel, styled after Oscar Wilde's classy taste, then the Wilde Roast Cafe is the place for your dining needs.

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Thanks, Mom: HollyHock fields

How I learned to build perennial memories By Peyton Witzke Three generations of childhood memories flashed before my eyes in a millisecond or less as the sweet scent filled the air. An array of colors: copper, crimson, carmine rose, icicle, sunshine, lavender, Russian yellow, summer carnival- painted the breeze.

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Dance joy

Student finds joy in judging Bethel University male choreography in homecoming competition. By Peyton Witzke | Royal Report The doors are finally opening. Alexander Bauer maneuvers his wheelchair through the crowd. His cheeks turn a bright rosy color as he passes more than 300 students.

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Women react to taking charge at Nikdag

PSEO student Mackenzie Van Loh will not be able to make it to Bethel's annual Nikdag events. Nikdag will be taking place April 24-25. "(Nikdag) is a Bethel tradition where the girls go to ask the guys, and it's the opposite of Gadkin," Van Loh said.

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Royal Movie Review: 50 First Dates

Royal Movie Review: Romantic Movie Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Berrymore - Peyton Witzke 50 First Dates will cause extreme laughter that erupts from the belly, while holding the heart captive for a love story that will soon be forgotten (at least from Lucy's viewpoint).