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I've written everything from investigative reports to listicles, concert critiques to business profiles, travel pieces to political commentary, and breaking news to restaurant reviews. Most recently, I wrote for and managed Give Lively's blog.


Give Lively

Investigative Reporting

The Georgetowner
Critics Claim Racial Bias in Georgetown Digital Crime Prevention

A special investigative report on technology and profiling in Georgetown. The rapid recent pace of technological innovation has triggered a new era of policing, one in which crime fighting is based almost entirely on data - captured, analyzed and communicated using the latest digital tools.

WTTG - FOX 5 Morning News
Is Georgetown digital crime app leading to racial profiling?

VIDEO: The Georgetown Business Improvement District started using an app called GroupMe last year to connect local businesses and residents with police officers. Since then, it has become a way to warn about suspicious and criminal activity in the popular retail and residential area.

CBS This Morning
Stores using app to detect shoplifters accused of racial profiling

VIDEO: Some businesses in an upscale Washington, D.C. neighborhood are accused of racial profiling through a mobile app that allows shopkeepers to alert each other -- and police -- through private messaging about people acting suspiciously in their stores, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

The Georgetowner
Georgetown BID To Shut Down, Reconsider GroupMe Crime Prevention Thread

The Georgetown Business Improvement District said it will take its GroupMe account offline following an August investigative report by The Georgetowner and a follow-up piece by the Washington Post that identified a man who was wrongfully arrested because he resembled a known thief flagged by users of GroupMe.


Kiesza Conquers Music World, Faces Fame

Kiesza is on fire. After conquering the U.K. and YouTube with her single "Hideaway," the red-haired musician is experiencing fame for the first time. At MTV's Video Music Awards this year, she says, "Katy Perry walked into a room, recognized me and came over to talk to me.

The Georgetowner
Retail Therapy with Sid and Ann Mashburn

Fashion is the Mashburn family business, and it just keeps growing, as evidenced by the brand's new store in Georgetown. Husband-and-wife team Sid and Ann are behind the operation, and they bring every bit of their background - his in retail, hers in writing for fashion publications - to the new digs in Georgetown.

Music, Arts & Travel

Architectural Digest
The Best Resort Towns in America

Staying at a resort can be relaxing, cost-effective, and convenient, but it often means being cut off from the outside world in a bubble of tourists, free food, and scheduled activities.

The Georgetowner
Whimsy and Worship: the Eccentric Piero di Cosimo's Works at the National Gallery

Piero di Cosimo's paintings never reached the canon of High Renaissance art inhabited by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and even Giorgione works. Yet his pieces, a myriad of which are on exhibit now at the National Gallery, show a fun-loving, eccentric artist bounding from style to style all while demonstrating the aristocratic tastes of that period in which both whimsical mythology and devout adoration were sought after for personal consumption.

The Downtowner
Porter Robinson's 'Worlds' Tour: A Stunning Spectacle of Self-Expression

Porter Robinson used over-the-top EDM theatrics to bring a fantastic video game world full of charm, emotion and depth to the 9:30 Club. The rising star's debut LP, Worlds, invited listeners to the mythical realms of Robinson's mind, driven by his passion for video games and anime.

The Downtowner
Fall Music Highlights

A roundup of the best concerts to see this Fall in D.C.

The Downtowner
'Flashback': The Evolution of D.C. Pride

Washington has come a long way since local gay activists put together a one-time event to promote and celebrate lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender identity in 1972. Those organizers pushed the boundaries in an age when gay sex was illegal and gay federal employees were fired for being gay.

Real Estate & Architecture

The Georgetowner
Inside Bill Dean's Waterfront Miami Compound - The Georgetowner

After renovating his P street home and building the award-winning Oyster House in the northern neck of Virginia, Georgetown's best-known bachelor Bill Dean set his sights on something bigger: a waterfront compound in Miami Beach. Dean checked out the sprawling $8 million property in Miami Beach, which was built by Sebastian Spering Kresge of K-Mart fame, for the first time in 2009.

Architectural Digest
4 Spectacular New York City Carriage Houses

Carriage houses represent some of New York’s most sought-after real estate, in large part because they combine the quaintness and charm of the old city with the modern luxuries of the new. Here are four standouts that blend rich history with stately architecture.

Architectural Digest
The Most Exciting Uses of Virtual Reality Right Now

Virtual reality platforms may not be ubiquitous quite yet, but the technology is already revolutionizing how designers, architects, and artists work, and how the rest of us experience their art.

The Georgetowner
For Sweet Sixteen, WFP Invests in Tech Edge

The internet revolution hit the real estate market in a big way. "Statistics show that 98 percent of people buying homes use the internet as a tool in their search process," Landry points out. He goes on to say that the web has revolutionized the house touring process.

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